Thursday, March 19, 2015

Welcome To Spring

                                             “Art imitates Art” kept echoing in my mind
                                   as I leafed through a plethora of Spring fashion magazines...

           ...from Pollack to Prada, Chanel to Kandinsky, Herrera to Rothko, Burberry to Kelly...

                                           indeed, this season...playfully: “Art imitates Art”.

I too, can't resisting jumping on that wicket... shopping in my closet. I scored this ROCHAS chemise... oh maybe 20 years ago. After seeing it's similar silhouette last week, I rifled through my closet to wake it up and wear it.
                 Rather than a traditional necklace, I picked up this collar at our local fabric store... 
                                       weighs nothing and looks so 2015  Marc Jacobs!

You have all of the parts for theee “must have” necklace of the year: simply attach an earring, a carved stone, medal and maybe a coin on to a ribbon or chain and you'll be “imitating” one of the charming looks of   NOW: NOW: NOW: “copy that”.

Paying due homage to CHANEL, last week I bought this skimmer of a sunny number for $12.00
 and finished it off with two 7 strand necklaces $7.00 each at Wal-mart... yes: Wal-mart!!!

               Throw together a belt from your mother's prom dress, a vintage crop top and a
          brocade or plaid pencil skirt and you'll look like you jumped out of a Spring magazine
                        or off a museum wall. This look is sooo in and kinda nuts!

                                       OK: this is a skirt! Totally RALPH... yup he nailed it.
                                           The color, fabric, shape... it's a twirl of fantastic.

                                                 This is my 2015 “giddy-up-n-go” obsession. 
                          A Western Wear kind of skirt with (I know too easy) fringe benefits.

                                    Still at the OK Corral... you'll find hints of Annie Oakley
                                    paired with your mother's  Battenburg Lace table runners.
                   You'll see this look at boutiques and in catalogs at bargain and designer prices.

                           Lace, lace and more lovely lace.. a fashion statement  that has flattered for centuries.... wrap yourself up in 50 shades (too easy again) of white this Spring!

                         Looping it back to me (Peter always says: when do we ever leave you!?!?)...
                   I was tickled white with this birthday dress I found at the flea market last summer. 
                              Strange, funny and true how a dress can force you into a diet!

Hooray for Denim...from rags to riches... cheap to chic... get ready for Denim to: “rock the runways”.
                       Trimmed in fur and jewels worn over tulle vintage gowns and tee-shirts.
                                   I'm delighted galore with this dressed up denim craze.

               Denim  is even made into boots. Nancy Sinatra wore “boots made for walking”....
                             although they looked fabulous on Peter's mother 75 years ago.
   Today  this latest “barley boots” craze  does not exactly flatter the leg... I'm just sayin' and feelin'.

Cleopatra' boyfriend wore strapped up shoes... I guess: “Everything that's old is new again” is true.

                                                                Here are a few ""

                                                                      then... now
                            If you keep'em around long enough, even from the ankles down,
                                                they'll be dancin' down the catwalks again.

If your arms are less than buffed... try a shirt, tank or tee shirt under your dress. Years ago, it worked on the red carpet at The Oscars for Julia and Sharon... why not give it “the old good 'ole college try”.

Another “less than Greek” arm camouflage: panty hose weight tops. I can't resist buying every one I see. They take up nada room under a top or in a suitcase and are nearly wrinkle free... a quality I can't always embrace or erase about my arms!

                       Priorities: a bag or shoes... a blouse or jeans... some ads are quite entertaining...
                                       ...expect the these two page”spreads”.

        Trending this Spring... scarf-like  beach to the ballroom gowns...that deliciously float.

           Last, but by far... not least... an outstanding collection of so so Springtime Bo Ho, 
       Haight Ashbury, full-o-flow dresses... patched together like a garden of designer scarves.

                               Maybe treat yourself to just one.... or dream about them!  




Pam Petterle said...

So creative, imaginative, colorful, unique and wonderful as always. You have a great flare.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kathleen: Wonderful blog!Love your enthusiasm! My sister-in-law introduced me to your blog when she learned I started mine recently. You and I come to fashion from different directions, but we both found that recent fringe outfit (To die for!) and we both love clothes and innovation. I look forward to seeing more from you. Elaine - Mature Chic