Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 FINAL

This winter, fashion has no borders. Blinded with sleep shades on, wander over and pull a unique LOOK out of your closet. Other than sticking with jewel tones, this winter, it's a timeless fashion free-for-all. There are no rules. Mix and Un-match... find your style. It all works... it's all good!


I forgot to include: “I want to look like Barbie” on my Santa Christmas wish list. Maybe I'll just have to wait until next year. In the meantime, I'll search for my “inner” Barbie. Seriously, I found this image in a fashion magazine and nearly laughed my head off. While writing my New Year's resolutions (now that's a joke) , I keep being entertained by this “how nuts can one person be” picture.

If your personal “Boxing Day” hasn't come and gone... try storing your ornaments in a wine box. You can collect 48 beauties into each box. Here is a WINE BOX BONUS: in case you haven't heard, the “new kid on the case of wine” block is THREE WISHES. At $1.99 a bottle, it's Whole Foods answer to to Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck. The Cabernet Sauvingnon, Merlot and Chardonnay are...well let's put it this way... we have enough empty case boxes to store an entire neighborhood's ornaments. We love all THREE WISHES. Indeed they are THREE WISHES that keep coming true.


This year, my son and his wife had a PLAID themed Christmas party. The next day, I saw this fashion page RE: PLAID being 2012 Spring's BLACK. Looks like it's time to break out your Pendleton wool, black watch and family tartan quilts, shirts, skirts and slacks.

Last month, I challenged my self to "make it work" with a few vintage fur collars. I trimmed some of them with beads and stones and glued rows of “ bling by the yard” and a strip of fur on to a tired, boring needed-to-be-updated gray flannel purse. Recycling lessens my shopping guilt...well, sort of.


What to do when your winter hibernation mode kicks in. Try these two simple projects to fill an hour or two of your non-napping time. Line the bottom of a container (from bathtub size to tiny bowl size) with aluminum foil. Fill it with boiling water and stir in Arm and Hammer powdered cleanser . Next, drop any tarnished sliver... a teapot, a teaspoon, an earring ...whatever.... into the container. In seconds your sliver will glisten like new. Next time-using idea:  the best way to get rid of that: “I've got to toss this, it smells soooo moldy and old" thing is: start with a plastic bag large enough to hold your stinky...vintage dress, antique book stinky treasure. Toss a few BOUNCE papers and your yucky smelling item into the bag. Squeeze all of the air out and close the bag. In a week, the odor will have disappeared. WARNING: after using the BOUNCE papers, throw them into the trash. I used mine in the dryer and all of the  clothes took on the moldy scent!


What girl doesn't love shoes? This season, the designers are running the gambit from wild to wonderful. Prada's lipstick engines are all fired up with these whimsical lipstick heels while YSL has given a fresh look to a classic style .

You will be lusting after open toed GOLD, GOLD, GOLD everywhere. Looks like a weekly pedicure will be a must this Spring.

Talking about toes, my big toe (the one that went to market and never stayed home) had to be x-rayed and almost put into a toe sling (nice image) this past Fall. Luckily my inner tomboy (who built forts in my parent's bed) found a simple solution to freeing up my “ouchie” toe. This image explains my cure.

A few years ago, we used to call them “shoulder dusters”. Today, LONG earrings are much more creative, chic and have  “gotta have” a pair or two magnetism . Unexpected color combinations are paired up while the accoutrements are  uniquely  stacked up, bringing the level of this jewelry from craft to history book elegance.

After making a few pair, I realized that a certain attitude of queenly “ holding my head up high” posture, was the only way to wear them.

The jewelry pendulum is swinging from bold to sweet this season.
Compared to a penny or a pencil you can see how tiny yet elegant these ruby, pearl, tourmaline, and turquoise necklaces are. It has been a delight to make and to wear them.

Mother nature was winking at me this morning. If you look closely, you'll see my (started out as a six inch tall plant) tomato vine has tip toed it's way up to the top of our Japaneses Maple tree. Humm, how did Kathy Bates make fried green tomatoes... because I got a bushel or a peck of them.

Why limit yourself to snow-globes with Santa and his reindeer  dancing inside? How about a square or cylinder shaped jam jar? How about for birthdays, engagement parties or...whenever . Just click on my You-Tube and you'll see how simple and fun they are to make... in just five minutes. Our grand kids built a few last weekend.  Click on this link to my video: 
How to Make Snow Globes

Speaking of grand-kids, one of the little girls made these two wrap dresses for her Barbies. She simply twisted a headband around and around and around each doll. Credit to husband Peter for the background painting of his mother... how lovely is that.

The duo cuff is still at the top of the fashion “must have” list. Whoo whoo.... I just rifled through one of my jewelry drawers and found this pair. I'm so pleased that I haven't ever paid attention to: “if you haven't worn it in three years, toss it out” advice.

I love to “copycat” fashion. This black lace top and gray pleated skirt are both at least 15 years old. My advice: “style never goes out of style... if you have room in your closets and drawers...hold on to it”. I made the feather purse to match the Saville Row shoes. Because these feathered friends kept flopping off my heels, I glued elastic onto the shoes and covered the safety straps with velvet ribbons...galore. Copycatting RALPH, it's true: from black tie to jeans, a conch belt can make any LOOK ...even a better LOOK. Finally, I finished off this costume with a home made ruby necklace and earring combo.

Shorts in the winter... I'm afraid not ... thank you very much. In the GUESS ad I'm thinking: “GUESS” ...what !??!?! Guess she forgot her skirt.

Here's another winter project. Because I'm nearly to six feet tall, it's rare for me to find a jacket with long enough sleeves. I've figured out an easy solution for a perfect length. First: turn the sleeves inside out. Between the elbow and the wrist, cut the lining. Next: hand sew (it only takes a few minutes and you can do a lousy one will ever see it) a strip of blanket binding on both sides to lengthen the sleeve to the exact length needed. That's it..FINI. You can get quite a few inches in length with this easy little trick. Oh...this idea is also the best way to shorten sleeves. My sweet sister modeled for me.

A few more styles to pull out of the back of your closets: anything paisley and/or print patterns.    Follow Gucci and try wearing them together.

Ingenue, innocent round neck chiffon blouses and dresses.Peter Pan collars, simple or $2,000. 00.

ASAP: As an accessory or as a focal point, Starting January 1st, 2012:
beg borrow or steal anything in Hermes Orange.

I'm up to HERE with magazine ads like these.

Maybe this is what they are thinking, saying or directed to do.

What on earth (NOT out of this world) are these art directors trying to convey? I've left that up to you and I've slipped in a few ideas of my own.

There is a kid in all of us. When the moment is right (I always have a few in my purse) I give a child or an adult one of these pocket angels and say: “squeeze your angel once: magic and miracles happen... squeeze it twice: wishes and dreams come true”. Like placebo pills, they work!

Do you have an image that delights you every time you see it or even think about it? I get tickled to death whenever I see these mallards couples, flipping upside down...  dining. I find them charming beyond words.  Maybe they are saying: ”bottoms up and Happy New Year”.

More duck talk: around this time... every year ...these magnificent little ducks appear on our canal... all dressed up in their tuxedos. Clearly, they are ready to bring in the New Year. So, our TUXED DUCKS and I wish you a year full of worthwhile challenges and wonderful rewards.