Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Is Summer?


Just as I'm about to write about WASSUP in the world of fashion this summer, I find that my mail box is brimming over with fall magazines. But, because I haven't REALLY felt summer yet, I'm going to throw out a few key looks that still have a little twirl time left before we all put our convertible tops up and start studying the trends for the cool months ahead.
Palettes and lace ... but not with gowns and black tie...rather as flirty accent pieces... adding a bit of “look at me” sass to an otherwise “look beyond me” summer dress code. Skirts, tanks, purses... or simply a slice of sequin material (no hem needed...Prada and Chanel expose unfinished edges ) to add a bit of NOW to your summer duds. 

Shorts, shorts and more shorts----> loose, tight, long and short, short shorts. To the market, to the beach, to matter what size you will find a pair... spray on a bit of leg make up and finish off your look with a glimmer of sequins and hint of lace.

Vests, vests and more vests-----> layered. Pop the first layer on inside out and then top it off with another vest. Leather over glitz, denim paired with quilted silk, paisley under linen... it all goes...and this doubling up idea will take you dancing well into fall.


Here's a thought: after a purchase, yer handed a receipt and change. Ever noticed that you never receive more than four pennies? More than four pennies and you'd be handed a nickle. Pennies are such a nuisance...well...that is.... unless you find one! Here's a “child within” plan that I've linked on to this 4,3,2,1 penny thought: on the way back to my car, I toss my copper disks into the parking lot. I've never returned to the same place and spotted a single penny. Imagine all the good luck I've spread around. Even though I'm just talking pennies, it's still feels a bit strange and yet freeing to throw the coins out into the great unknown....and.... I'm loving doing it. It makes a lot of magical “cents” to me and to many lucky people too.  


Do you remember this 99 cent package of clothes pins and my promise to make something with them in my last blog? This self imposed threat sat on my desk and in a dark corner of my brain for weeks. I was like a dog with a bone, trying to make jewelry, picture frames...anything out of them. Finally... it came to me: A TOY! A game of horse shoes for the little ones. Four kids...four colors of clothes pins. Each bulls eye has points. Indoors or on the sidewalk... it's a fun “less than a buck” memory builder for these cute cousins.

OK here is a way cool “jewel based” kitchen tool... a ceramic knife. I am totally nuts for them. I have one in every size. Made out of zirconia powder, ground to a fine edge and polished off with diamond dust... ceramic knives are always sharp and will never become dull. They are the best thing since sliced bread and oh...they can cut “razor thin slices” of anything. 

When it comes to “the staff of life”... I've discovered two “how did I ever live without them” loaves of bread at Trader Joe's. Pan Pascal is an oversized traditional country french half round. Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, filtered water, sea salt...that's it! I cut pieces as thin as glass (see above) for sandwiches, french toast, croutons and morning toast. Freeze half or just keep a loaf in the bread box... it lasts for weeks, it's practically calorie free and this bread doesn't ever grow green lace panties.

Second find: TJ's cranberry walnut bread is heaven on earth. In the car, on the way home, I could easily devour an entire loaf and want for more. Sliced thin (see above) and baked a bit... there isn't a better cracker on earth. Served with goat cheese and fig jam, it is a to die for way to start your cocktail hour.


“Babe Paley had only one fault: she was perfect; otherwise, she was perfect” ---> Truman Capote.
Every time I read his line about this goddess, it ties granny knots in my mind. Daily, Babe kept resetting her “flawlessness bar” to new heights. Keeping her wit and wits about her at all times, this stunning jewel was approachable, gracious and kind. Every facet of her life was exquisite. Although she was a classic beauty, her self inflicted perfection grew into an ever changing, challenging burden. The more I read about Babe Paley, the more I admire her. I'm just happy that as my wrinkles keep eye sight keeps going.


Look at the lovely swan necks of women news anchors, reporters and stars on your favorite TV shows. They all wear tiny pea sized necklaces. Simple chains with teeny little “this and thats” attached. Well, I've been making a few star quality “almost can't see them” necklaces and you can make them too. Solitaire diamonds are not where to start. Try a cuff link, a stick pin, a locket, a charm or a single earring. If needed, a jeweler can bend a loop on to the top of your recycled treasure. Next: thread your piece on to a delicate chain and yer IN. Strange... but these little appointments get more notice than the chunky hunky neck breakers. Each one is unique...kind of a signature statement and for sure... size doesn't matter.


Enjoy your lazy crazy days of summer... that is... if they arrive before fall. Next time... I'll have something FUN and FAB made with these colorful ping pong balls stay tuned.