Friday, June 21, 2013


Summer is upon us and the fur is flying.
 Clearly and infused with humor.....  faux fun fur is the finishing touch of the season.

 Here is yet another of my
 Couture Clutch placemat bags
 all fuzzy-n-fun and ready for summer.

From head to freshly painted toes.... faux fur accents are a summer delight not to be ignored... start  your trimming today! 


Velcro works best for clothing... double sticky tape or a hot glue gun for shoes, purses and
 any other accessory. Until this globe warms,
 faux fur trim is the “IT” look for summer.

                                Here's a totally refreshing summer cocktail:
                               vodka, triple sec, soda water, and a squeeze
                                of Meyer lemon... stirred into deliciousness
                              with an ice cube stick of basil and mint leaves.
                                           Yum yum! More please.

The best summer read: GRACE.  Ms. Coddington will be your BFF before yer half way through her delightful story. Each photograph is a movie while every drawing reveals yet another slice of her charmed yet challenging life.

                                  “OMG: why didn't I keep that... today it's back in style”.
                                    OK we've all played that sad tune between our ears.
                                            Today it's sleeves on a swimsuit. Trust me,
                                they are sprinkled throughout all the summer magazines.

I rifled through our family 8mm movies and found a reel of an Easter vacation in Palm Springs. WOW, in one single frame, there it was...  my “NOW” swimsuit with, can you believe it: sleeves! I took a picture of the frame, removed the family and sketched in the rest of the image. In more ways than I'd ever admit to, I've always been way, way out there. In more ways I will happily admit to, I've always laughed my through life.


 I'll bet some one with great style is wishing that she had held on to this elegant box purse. I spotted it at “All Things Vintage” in Oakland. The next week, after buying this chic bag... there it was on the catwalks. Sorry for its former owner. Hooray for me.

                                 Glitz is another winter look that's HOT,HOT, HOT for summer.
                                       This pants suit grabbed my eye and wouldn't let go.

                             The next week, this dress grabbed my piggy bank and nearly emptied it.
                                        Well, I guess for $15.00 at The Salvation Army,
                                           there were still a few dimes and nickles left
                                                  in my curly tailed pal for accessories.
I sliver leafed the plastic domes for earrings. The ginormous pearls were vase fillers from The Pottery Barn that I strung together. I glued six of my favorite champagne tops on to the 60s sliver purse. Here's an idea: your champagne will keep it's bubbles for days if you drop the handle of a silver spoon into the opening. Oh, if a necklace breaks when you are vacation this summer,  don't can re-string it with dental floss.

                                  I'm obsessed with the dressing that I make for my kale salad.
                                    Parmesan cheese, orange slices, red onion and hazelnuts ...
                                         finished off with Aftelier Perfumes pink pepper
                                     and pink grapefruit mists and heavenly  Italian vinegar.

                                          Peter has his favorite salad: butter lettuce, almonds,
                                           cranberries and my divine almond butter dressing.
                                           Because neither of us are ever willing to cave into
                                       the others favorite salad option, most nights I fix both.

                           Last night, I balanced the meal out with pineapple chicken sausages.
                                              Creative juices just love to flow in the kitchen.

Thank God that no one was around to see my ego crash and burn as I tried to wiggle into this  magnificent 50s Mr. Blackwell dress. In perfect condition, it is a simply stunning army green/brown wool knit dress with the most gorgeous chiffon beaded top: for me it's breathtaking.

                                         My vintage dress form looks stunning in it and so
                                          I'm labeling it a piece of fashionista designer art.

                                               Pocket squares have become bouquet broaches.

                                          I copycatted this one with the wide end of an old tie.

                                                              Here's a summer project.
                                Get your dental floss out and make a hodgepodge necklace
                                    using that box of broken beads in your jewelry drawer.
                                                Come on, you know you have that box.
                                                     If  RALPH can do can you.

So this summer, just toss on any blouse with a totally mismatched pair of slacks.   You'll be right in style. 

Retro primitive accessories... in bright colors... are a  truly happy 50's  look across the pond this summer. Best part for us on this side of the pond: they finish off to perfection, a "box of beads necklace" and a completely mismatched  slacks and shirt duo. It's fun; give it a try!

Lucky me...last month at our Antique Fair Flea Market....
along with my $40.00 Mr. Blackwell cocktail dress...
and after studying all of the primitive fashion statements
 in magazines and on line.. 
I found this raffia, leather and sweetly trimmed
 Italian vintage bag. Doncha love it.

                                                 Put your summer thinking cap on...because
                                   without really thinking,  it's amazing what you'll dream up.


                                  OK...  so it's time to twirl through summer  in flowers..... galore!!!
                                          Get out! The days are already getting shorter.
                                  Remember to stop and smell the roses...they are divine this summer.