Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blurred Lines

There are blurred lines between Summer and Fall fashions this year.

It's complicated.

Designers want to hang on to bold patterned thick lace... embroidered with:        "I can almost smell them"   flower bouquets.

Even in basic white, lace has become a romantic silhouette
 that's difficult to let go of this season.

I was tickled white to find this vintage “lace on lace” for $50.00.

Center stage for Fall: flowers are even replacing Summer rainbows.

Enter stage left: rich brocades laden with faceted jewels and Byzantine art are demanding a biblical presence on the catwalks.

Although the keys look as if they were borrowed from The Vatican,
they are actually upside down “Les Clefs d'Or” Keys of Gold worn by proud concierges....  Internationally.

It's more about: “getting a room” rather than unlocking heaven's gate.


Inspiration abounds...everywhere. 
Chanel found inspiration from a fence on a bridge in Paris.

I couldn't resist (forgive me Karl) covering a lock and keys from the hardware store with “rhinestones by the yard” from the hobby shop next door.

I wonder if Peter's greatgrand mother would like to make a trade :O)

The buzz around the playground: this Fall, skirts will be “school girl” length.

It's “gam-on-time”... skirts will also be “peek-a-boo” flirty.

For centuries, The striptease... continues to remain an acknowledged art form. When preformed in good taste, the show is entertaining: spotlighting the woman's beauty and her style.

I'm just sayin'... come on guys”: maybe we could move the taste level of some ads to that of an elegant striptease.

Sleepover sized purses are dwarfing the already zero sized models at the Fall shows. There's enough room in these ginormous bags for a practical pair of flats and even an evening or night gown.

Here is my 60th place-mat purse... trimmed this time in faux fur and a “way too skinny” cut up Salvation Army belt. Think Christmas Gifts: just a little glue... no sewing. See my HOW TO: Kathleen Solmssen: Couture Clutch on YouTube.

I understand the “wind up doll” print ad for an anti-depression prescription.
 The only thing I get about the “paper doll” like couture images is the humor.

Pattern upon pattern upon pattern...
here they come and come and come.

Multi-colored bling rings are becoming stiff competition to the single stone/basic no frills rings. “Fab-faux”  stunners are everywhere... so you can save money for a few “run away from home” bags.

One ringie dingie... two ring-a- dingie”. There are no words.
 These creative rings speak volumes of cleverness and creativity.

I'm delighted to see my earrings make it back on to the fashion hit parade. Someone once told me: “they are called Napoleon bees because: turned upside down, they look like the Fleurs de Lys”.

OK I give up. What inspired Moschino when this purse was designed?

 Yippee: once again... animal prints are here!

I found these vintage 3/4” length coat sleeves for $10.00. Like Napoleon, I turned them upside down and dressed up my 25 year old Ferragamo boots.

 I'll be kickin' my heels up all over town.

Bring on the lace and flowers.
 Adorn yourself with locks and keys.
 Lets keep romance and fashion alive...
 in that order.