Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is ART? Thirty years ago, not knowing what to do with a totally crushed vintage fender that was dumped on to our driveway, I hauled it up to my apartment and hung it on the living room wall. I had a brass plate engraved: UNKNOWN ARTIST. Was that fender bender ART? Who decides?

Dale Chihuly, the glass sculptor impresario extraordinaire, is known for his signature Pollack-like shoes. We all love him and his “go ahead, put a smile on my face” sneakers.

This season, the meaning of “a splash of color” is being brought to entirely new and low levels. I guess that ART is... in the eye of the beholder. I'd invest in the stilettos; the brogues... not so much.

Sequins are at the top of the hit parade for yet another season. From dressed down Friday mornings... to dressed up Saturday nights... I'm lovin' this hip-n-fresh-n-new layering look.

                                       Daytime to evening, sequined pencil skirts are in, in, in!

Trends influence fashionistas and spark ideas.
This mosaic-like skirt drew me to peek & purchase... 

                                     a “ditto gotta have it” bargain of a jacket at the flea. 
                          I nearly wore it to death on last month's Mexican Coast Cruise.

This was an easy “copy cat” project. After seeing Marc Jacob's black & white island collection...
                       I played “follow the fashion leader's lead” and trimmed an otherwise
           boring noir-knit top with a yard of sassy tassel trim. Back-atcha and thanks Marc.

                  Faux, faux faux-bulous fur trim is still poking it's little head out of fabric stores
         and on to every accessory imaginable. No animals are harmed... just a bit of Polly & Esther.

                                    Why not go for it! Let your wild & crazy side surface and
                       have a hand at gluing a bit of fluff on to... well on to practically anything.

                   If you have space for it and you love it, my passion philosophy is: keep it!
                       After seeing pages of fishnet tee shirts, I riffled through my closets
                                       to find my little peek-a-boo number. No luck.

              While pushing and pulling tons of tops, my multi-colored happy lips blouse surfaced. 
                          Hooray for keeping it 'cause... “everything that's old is new again”.

                                       Clearly, Karl is “The Master Of The Fashion Universe”.

Gabrielle, his muse and mentor, born like moi on August 19th... was “Perfection Galore”.
                                  His sketch of COCO is charming to the Maxims.

     With all due respect, I must say that this Chanel season: “What is ART?” comes to mind. 
                                    His classic Chanel bag smacks of Chihuly's sneakers.
                                       His Chanel tote resembles a way tired dish rag.
                     I love you Karl, but this season: sorry, I'm not buying it or purchasing it.

On the subject of dish rags (where is she going with this?) while in Mexico and wandering through street bazaars ... I was intrigued with the texture and weaves of Mexican dish rags. I mentioned to a fellow cruiser: “these rags could bring a primitive and rich vibe into the fashion world”. Upon my return home, time and time again, look what I saw... hoodies made with Mexican dish rags.


This Spring/Summer, rather than the normal matchie-matchie... miss-matched is the norm. 
 Trust me... choose two pieces that do not go together at all... and you will be totally on trend.

                           Simple elegance. Twelve years later, my wedding shoes are back in style.

25 years later my Calvin Klein canvas skimmers get to have a catwalk kind of run for their money.

         In my mind (not in my closet) this space age shoe is worth every penny in my piggy bank.

                                                      Designers have a lot to say this season.

Here's an easy ME TOO. It's simple to update a denim vest. Simply invest in a handful of huge crystal buttons and sew them above the button holes. How hot & cool is this!

                          OK guys: I did it first. A few years ago... I made this “disco-down” necklace.
                                            Today, this one is the “show off” piece of 2014.

                                                  Go Figure... FYI: this 24/7combo works.
                                       Models and magazines are both sporting light weight
                                      “shoulder duster” earrings and simple stretch headbands.

                Clever, creative, chic; maybe a hairdresser dreamed up these two pieces of jewelry. 
                                       They are both simple as a pie crust to make.

Final jewelry idea: a perfect balance of a jawbreaker-sized jeweled ball and a wire choker. 
                                      Both elements are ready for your neck at any hobby shop.

       I take my hat off to Kate Spade. This is a useful wall d├ęcor.... just behind her store counters. 
        Colorful bags & boxes at the ready for your purchases. Brilliant colors and a brilliant idea.

From year to year I wonder, how do designers all come up with the same sensational silhouettes? In the large bag department, the latest design is a block of a neutral leather on top of a dark pattern or print. Need has nothing to do with it... I simply want one!

          Sharon Stone is the latest star to hit the chopping block with what is labeled: THE CHOP. 
                        The only regret I have about my CHOP is that I didn't do it long ago.

When traveling, some yummy little: “I thought of you while I was away” remembrance is so dear. A sweet friend just returned from “The City Of Love” with this “two for tea” thoughtful urn of leaves for us. Every time I get a whiff of this LOVE brew, I think of her. Yup, it's nice to be nice.

                  In closing... here is a worthwhile investment: a never ending roll of cellophane.
 Any gift presented in this crystal wrap...turns the presentation into an extra special magical treat.