Monday, February 26, 2018


               Doris Fisher   GAP                                      Anna Wintour  VOGUE

I applaud these two icons of the fashion world for their creativity, inclusive diversity and belly laugh senses of humor. They keep resetting their own individual bars of quality and excellence as they continue to break glass ceilings and rise above fear and the undeniable forces of change. It was an honor and a privilege to meet both Doris and Anna and to witness their high standards as they keep reinventing their companies. Fun Fact: I took this photo of Anna when I was covering Fashion Week for Gentry magazine nearly a dozen years ago. She was kind enough to move “her people” aside allowing me to take a great picture sans her ever present sunglasses!

I can’t sit still whenever a GAP commercial shows up on “the tube”. They are delightfully infused with contagious positive vibes.  GAP has an unique way of balancing traditional “tried and true” styles with fashion forward looks.   

As soon as VOGUE arrives in our mailbox, immediately I  read: “the letter from the editor”. Every month, Anna inspires me with her edgy and sometimes feisty open-ended conversations. In her own unique provocative demeanor, she engages her readers to question the issues of the day. Her integrity is spot on. Below are a few exquisite models from her current magazines. Their style, intelligence and emotions are  so tender, vulnerable and deep. Many of today's movements are reflected in their eyes.


Somewhere between delicious and naughty, designers have found energy and guts to express  a “devil may care child within” attitude and I am loving it! The crushed velvets, over sized jewelry, sequined flowers sprinkled on gowns and button encrusted boleros are all over the map and spot on!

                                                      Note to self:  you can do this!!!

      There is no holding back..."go for it... let loose"... let your inner wild nature out and have fun!

                                                                  “Ah yes, I remember it well”. 
  Rodney King: “can’t we all just get along?” Jerry Hall: “the reason I tell the TRUTH is because it’s more exciting than any story I could dream up.” This high heel and the TRUTH on a step at a local restaurant, both echo the tender and profound quote above and the word below.
                          With honor, I stand beside both of these honest people.

The following ten images were pulled from stories in the current issue of VOGUE. From a cover, to a famous family, all stories of family ties. From a London rock star and his lovely wife, to a Muslim politician with her family, to an autistic brother and his three sisters to an innocent child being taught, by her fashionista mother, how to properly use make-up . These stories touched my soul and opened my heart to make room for positive changes in my life and the world. Many people of power are not being silenced or turning a blind eye rather standing up for their beliefs and their God given rights.


                              Seeing through differences and diversity  while embracing oneness

Maye Musk, the proud mother of Elon Musk, declared herself: “A star in her own right”. Hooray for you Maye! In her mid-sixties, she continues to walk catwalks and challenges anyone who feels she might be too old for fashion and flair.


 The next collection above of GLAM, from the GAMS down, will tickle your funny bone and open your wallets and closets for a bevy of crazy temptations and chic outrageous obsessions.

While on the shoe wicket: we all posses “tried and true” comfy shoes that have traveled with us everywhere. Even these two pals, The Queen and Anna have their favorites.

For the first time ever, The Queen attended London’s Fashion week with Anna and thoroughly enjoyed a lovely afternoon. Just last year, in an elegant ceremony held at Buckingham Palace, the Queen appointed Anna to hold the honored title of Dame Commander of the British Empire.

Here are two, of many fabulous frocks to welcome in Spring 2018. One, a finished yet unfinished silhouette and another incorporating scarves into the skirt. Time to “copycat” and tie some scarves on to a belt to wear over a sassy skirt and get ready for a Spring fling or twirl!  

Daily, I am inspired by images on the pages of Vogue.  I simply grab little bits of this look and that style and combine them into my fashion statements. I was so pleased to find this velveteen dress at our local flea market. Dittoing today’s stripes with prints, I slipped a rainbow cashmere sweater under the dress. I thought: “humm this print looks familiar”. Indeed it is exactly like the Andy Warhol flower series. SCORE! The purse: 40 years old from I.Magnin!

Next: I gave new life to this tattered and tired paillette encrusted top by glueing a huge “S” on the front, my “B” day date on the back and flowers for the icing on this divine diva cake!  Do you wonder how I feel when I wear it?… HAPPY, HAPPY, Happy!!!

 With Spring nearly in the air , I need to post my winter blog today. For me this season, as do animals and plant roots, it has been a time of hibernation and inner growth. I leave you with a bit of magic. Like catching a golden butterfly, I caught this splendid gown (for no reason other than PURE JOY) at The Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Sale for $25.00. My husband liked it so much he said: “let’s get married again!” Wishing you an abundance of PURE JOY with dream-like catches today and well into Spring.