Monday, July 9, 2018

Spring & Summer Flings

Peaceful marches for equal rights and the common good are getting much needed
 encouragement and support everywhere... even in the world of fashion.
 Bringing positive awareness for worthwhile causes is a good thing.

During these bright sunny days, “forget your troubles...come on GET HAPPY!” Maybe: go fly a kite!

Fun comfortable footwear is given this Spring and Summer. Pedicures are a necessity. Enhancing summer sandals is as simple as defrosting a peach pie. Try your creative luck by gluing huge retro earrings, fabric trim, bits of faux fur trim and ribbon on to new or old sandals.

Going from toe to head, these two girls are far to the left of serious; they are FUN and FANTASTIC!

A tried and true tradition. Karl always includes his muse, Coco Chanel's pearls and gardenias.
Who isn't obsessed with this precious girly girl pink dress! It's just a little bit beyond perfection.

Ostrich feathers are flying all over the catwalks. Starting with Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber in this show stopping Valentino gown with an outrageous ode to her mother's big hair days.


On the web, I looked for and found ostrich feather trim. Without hesitation, I ordered a few colorful yards for the hem of basic skirt, the top edge of a cashmere sweater and an entire purse. “Can't never did anything until try came along”. Maybe order a yard or two and get thee to gluing!

To my mind's eye, this is a lovely yet relaxed jewelry combo. Hey, we can dream can't we? Kids do!

It's time to break out your jeans jacket. Tall, short, skinny or even pregnant, denim will forever be everyone's GO TO jacket. Why not trim yours in ostrich feathers! If you attach the trim with double sided sticky tape...come can change up the trim with jewel or faux fur trim!

A big time YES and a big time NO!. I'm so over the ripped and patched jeans.”Follow the leader” down an unattractive path is not welcomed in the world of fashion. Maybe this designer is trying to erase this downwardly mobile fad that won't go away. In the YES department. I'm obsessed ,
with this starched stiff scarf creatively tied into a blouse.

Another tradition that won't ever go away: horizontal striped “T” shirt paired with a tattered-n-terrific suede jacket. Yes-sir-ree this look, finished off with a bandanna handkerchief, is here to stay.  

Clearly, it's a year of nothing hasta match. Indeed the days of “matchie-matchie” are dead and gone.
From a winter hat to a fur collar, the looks don't make sense...but hey they are: “Fashion with Flair”!


Maybe some designers have temporarily run out of ideas. Maybe they go back to collections of previous statements and haphazardly toss them on to models today. Perhaps, they find inspiration from old movies. Try as I might, I can't wrap my head around these looks. It's still fun to cherry pick an element or two here and there and freshen up my own personal hot weather wardrobe.

These ensembles make me want to go back to a simple “A” line or pencil skirt and a twin sweater set. We can pull color and patterns out of this year's playbook: make it work and have fun doing it!

It's copycat time again. Fresh water pearls, precious stones & gold trim. They were so easy to make. Even I can't tell which ones are $$$ and which ones are mine!Chic and affordable: that's my style.

There are a few ways to get ready for summer swim suit time. For starters, a bit of exercise, diet and self-tanner. Here's what works for me every summer: I simply slip a swim suit on to a hanger and place it in the kitchen between the refrigerator and the liquor cabinet! Every year... this plan works less and less. It's like hiding a box of candy from myself!

You might be surprised about how talented your local alterations person can be. Most seamstresses can make one or both of these hip yet traditional English tweed cotton summer tops. When the cold weather kicks in... they will be “just the thing” under a suit or sweater. Inquire around your town'll find an expert to create one of these forever sensational tops. 

Another copycat adventure. Being inspired by a simple shopping bag or another clutch bag. Above are two of my 100+clutch bags that I made out of placements. You'll see more below and on my KATHLEEN SOLMSSEN You-Tube channel. They are easy to make for yourself or as a gift!


“I'm glad to see your back” I say when my eyes land on a back as timeless and elegant this one. On the front side, in my opinion this look should stay on the catwalk. IThird image: if your arms aren't totally buffed, you'll be thrilled to find these “sleeves” online. The back and arms attach in the front. They camouflage kimono arms and can even be worn with a strapless or spaghetti strapped tops.

Circling back to my major “fed-dish” shoes: the ribbons-buttons could be copied and with the help of a cobbler. Your local shoe guy could also change heels to these stack-o-balls. The socks are a new cool rendition of the “Jane Fonda” workout leg warmers. All: “hot fun in the Summertime”.

When I take dinners out of the freezer and place them in the microwave, I wear a dinner ring! Isn't that what they are for: defrosting and microwaving!?!?After buying a few (without jewels) rings (upper right side of this image) from the hobby shop, I glued single earrings, buttons & broken pins on to the disks. I get more compliments on these “fauxbulous” rings than any of my real McCoys!

          Ginormous bows on shoes...what a concept! I tried this idea on a tired pair of 
                 sequin encrusted high heels. The bow made my feet look nearly tiny!

  I had a ton of Summertime fun gluing wigglie eyes on these hot pink retro $1.00 flea find shoes.

Next: cover sandal straps with faux fur or glue stones on flat heels. Let's can take creative chances.

If you still wear clip earrings, you might give this storage idea a try. Simply “push pin” cake drying racks on a wall behind your door and clip'em on. No more: hide and go seek for your earrings.

I've made more than 100 clutch bags out of place-mats. As you can see, anything
 and everything inspires me. As I mentioned above, you can see my “how to make them” on
my KATHLEEN SOLMSSEN clutch bag you tube.

                          Flowers are sprinkled on nearly every designer's collection this season.
                     Why not In Joy wearing flowers all summer long.... the look is pure delight.

Many designers have incorporated scarves into their silhouettes. Although the flip flops and tennies are making a statement, bulky shoes paired with delicate dresses aren't my summer accessory trajectory. My scarf addiction is at the ready, hanging on narrow curtain rods behind a door. I've already tried tying a few on to a belt over leggings and skirts... it's a “go for it”summertime pleasure and is getting me nearly dancing and twirling down our street!

       If I didn't study seasonal magazines, I wouldn't have so many fresh and fascinating ideas. 
               Like these bird-in-a-cage earrings that I easily translated into my own design.


         The department stores and boutiques are full of rainbows of designs. Why not catch a few!