Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Wonders


                Don't even try to bring order to the chaos of 2016's “devil make care” silhouettes.

       This dress is somewhere between a craft class 101 and a modern museum treasure. 
                       It's a combination of carwash strips, bottle caps and wonder. 
                               Oh and it's way fun or as the kids say: “it's dope”.

It's all a marvelous mush mash of vintage wallpaper prints, deco designs and grandma's closets finest.
                                   Drum-roll for the details...applause for the attitudes.

Starting with “Oscar”: when young designers take over couture houses, you never know what the collections will be.... for sure, the anticipation of late has been at a high fever pitch and the outcomes continue to be fantastic. It's remains an exquisite combination of tradition with tomorrow.

This season, Gucci is “off the hook” with a line I'd love to reel in “across the pond” and bring ashore.

                    “Everything that’s old is new again” This season, it's the Loden jacket.
                                             “Karl” has trimmed'em like Christmas trees.

Choosing “HAPPY” Pharrell as the new face of Chanel was Karl's “as usual” genius choice.

In Berlin, Peter learned how to walk wearing a Loden jacket. I took a quick dash through The Salvation Army and scored my first Loden jacket and “Christmas tree trimmed it”...galore!

Irish sweaters are making yet another “burr burr it's cold” comeback. I've had at least one in my     
         closet for over 50 years. Like Scottish plaids, Irish knit patterns are a family heritage.
                  When a fisherman falls off the boat and washes ashore, the blarney echos:
                            “look at this bloke's sweater, that's old Paddy Mc Fee”. 

                                   This winter, you can't avoid “the grommet grove”. Don't even try.

                     On purses, jewelry, shoes and jackets... who knew these circles of silver
                                                   would be the “IT” trim for winter 2016.

This is pretty cool: you can find drapery grommets in your local fabric store! They are “simple as pie” to press into fabric or leather. Get thee busy and “circle-up” your clothes and accessories.

     Here's a bonus: grommets can update, cover stains and hide scrapes. My dry cleaners put
    a few on a skirt and jacket. My cobbler gave a fresh look to a few purses and a pair of shoes.

 This season, Prada's earrings are the size of golf balls & wine coasters. OMG they are huge!
    After seeing them in all the major magazines... I decided to “get down with my bad self"
                                                     and make a few. They are “nuts-o-fun” .
                     Grommets and a pair of plastic disks makes me quite proud-o-my faux Pradas

      I painted and Christmas tree trimmed a couple of ping pong balls. Serious... no. betcha!

                               I'll copy this pair with pony tail bands and baubles.

                                       I think this art director was channeling Marilyn.

                                                    “If you have room for it...keep it”.
                       Bingo: this coat was hiding in the back of my closet just waiting for El Nino.

             After a few minutes of obsessing over this dress in a FAV magazine, I remembered
                    my 25 year old Adrienne Vittadini LBD. Not quite “matchie-matchie” .. 
                     but's “standing at attention/front row and center” and ready to party.

                    I'll bet you have an animal print bag faux fur. I found this one on a shelf in a 
                     boutique and the other on a shelf! Indeed: "everything IS new again"

                         Splashing glitter and shine on sweaters like Pollack splashed
                             paint  on a canvas is being splashed all over the stores.  

                  Hooray for this new playful trending twist . For me... simple elegance never fails.

                       From encrusted headbands to delicate necklaces...... it's all too divine.
                           Before investing, maybe try placing a pin or two or three on a headband.

                                      Purses are flocked with fleurs and saturated with stones.

                                    Time to break out the glue gun and save 7 or 8 grand.

                           Next: maybe break out the paints and save yet another 7 or 8 grand. 
                                   Someone must have whispered into every designers ear:
                                 “get on your mark, get set...paint a collection of purses!”

                             In the other ear: “serve up bold black and orange deco patterns
                                 because a black and orange combo is the new black”.

                      OK... I just need to say... these are: “what were they thinking” heels.
                                          Brings new meaning to: "break a leg". 

Looks like “ankle hiding boots” boots are the FAD of the year... I think I'll pass. Not even tempted.
As for the the sox...hummm... in the gym, under sweats or running. A style... please, please please guys!

Rings don't match on your ten fingers,why should earrings match? Again: it's a totally dope look.

A final shout out to Gucci 2016... it's retro... it's's trend's on point... it's happy! 


For me, the perfect distraction: “Fashion with Flair” is just what the doctor continues to order.
 I'm taking a note from these Chic Chicks playbook and draping myself in laughter and smiles. 
                                                  Please join me in a 2016 twirl!