Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Year

Simple, exquisite perfection.
  No stories, no hype, no address sticker.
  I plan on framing my March 2012 BAZZAR cover.

Perhaps, this might just be the most beautiful tree in the entire world... or at least on our block.
  I've been making a daily pilgrimage to this “feast for the eyes” spot in our neighborhood.

  It just had to be documented so you can understand why I packed my Schiaparelli pink butter leather gloves and a pair of ever so NOW glitzy Deco cuffs for a mini photo shoot.

Magnolias are magnificently magnificent.
 That's why I couldn't resist buying this Lucille Ball era magnolia enamel on metal wall hanging.

 We delicately placed it above the dining room table and then strategically
 hung “too much was not enough” antique crystals on the the branches.

The dripping effect is : simply marvelous dahling.

A few years ago, I bought these resin roses... for a song.
 They sat on the back burner singing: “when are you going to make something out of us?”

This week, inspired by Miucca Prada's “just off the drawing board” rose jewelry collection,

 I whipped up a batch of my own.

Prada is a pied piper...from rose jewelry to cuffs with heft, everyone...including me, follows her.


If you happen to be in NYC mid-May, you MUST see the joint Schiaparelli and Prada show at the Met.  She keeps me on my toes. Here is just a hint of Prada's “way ahead of the crowd” geometric look for Fall 2012.

We're right between Ground Hog Day and The First Day of Spring...and the sun is shining. Who would have guessed that: ” movie star-hide behind ginormous sunglasses” would ever become a fashion statement again. Well... they are “THEEE” ONLY sunglasses to wear this season.


For an oversized: “I don't know why” reason, I've saved this pair of Gucci Glasses for 15 years.


“Cover up your face/hide behind your sun glasses” can take up an entire drawer.
 I put mine where the sun doesn't shine: in a drawer full of “taped together” plastic glasses.
 A “ducks in a row” plan that really works.

Last month, Peter had a show of the photographs he took in Brazil in the 60s.
The mural-like images stuck on the wall and could be repositioned.
 From post card to wall size, it's a terrific way to display paintings and photographs.

 I built a crystal necklace for the opening (600 guests) and displayed
 the ENTIRE show on my new tiny a movie.


Next party... new images will be glowing on my neck.

The bad news: a few years ago, I fell in love with this white (actually woven with strips of paper) hat in Italy. It wouldn't bend or travel.
The good news:  last winter, I found another one in Oaxaca Mexico. It traveled home on my head.

Talk about good timing...upon our return...
 my son had a white party. My hat and I attended.

Hats hidden in hat boxes become: “Out of sight: out of mind” accessories.
With only a box of push pins, I've turned all the walls in this room into a hat rack.
 Now days, they are seen and.... worn.


Years ago, there were many porcelain doll factories in Dresden Germany.
 If a doll came out of the kiln with any imperfections, it had to be smashed to pieces.
  As legend has it, the workers couldn't smash the tiny heads,
 so they buried them alongside the walls of the buildings.
 Most of these factories were totally destroyed in WWII.

Years later, the precious heads were unearthed .
 Not having the slightest idea what I would ever do with them,
 I bought a pocket full of these tattered little heads at our monthly antique fair here in Alameda.

 I crowned plastic sticks with the bisque and porcelain heads
 and glued them onto clear pedestals.
You can read deep, profound stories on each face.
 They command respect and deserve a place of honor.

I love Mai Ties! I lined this four foot long canoe with 3 plastic boxes. Pineapple spears and glasses slipped into the small containers. Gallons of Mai Ties awaited our thirsty friends in center spot. What a party maker this little boat has become! “Summer on our we come”

Now this is a simple, healthy dinner: roasted vegetables, grilled peaches, quick fried talapia, and a salad of toasted pecans, pears, butter lettuce and chunks of creamy blue cheese. Even if I do say so myself, people go nuts for my salad dressing of almond butter, dijon mustard, olive oil, honey & balsamic vinegar. I mix batch fulls to taste and store them in the frig. Best part..this concoction never separates and keeps fresh forever.

This skirt is beyond gorgeous!
  I was thrilled to find it for $75.00 at the flea market. Hand made in Florence and never worn, it was missing a zipper & waist band. A stitch in time and a nine inch zipper and I was ready to twirl!

The painted velvet and Italian gold ribbon trim is not to be believed.


These green suede shoes are a gentle accessory to my “to nearly die for” skirt. . I replaced the bows on the toes with a bit of glitz and glued them on the heels. The green pearl necklace (made by me..thank you very much) was almost as much of a show stopper as the skirt. It will be my favorite skirt forever.

Now this makes perfect cents.
Just in at your local bank: shiny copper 2011 pennies.. Kids love'em. At 50 cents a roll...
 I have lots of “cents able” love to share.

In about ten minutes, I painted a white headband and  braided a yard of gold rick-rack and one of sequins into a strip of mink.  Next: I hot glue gunned the braid into place.

Now I have a “keep the hair off my face” pretty chic looking head band.


About twenty years ago, one of my best friends painted a heaven full of cherubs on this moire silk skirt. I'm embarrassed to say that in those twenty years, I only wore this beauty once.

This year for my birthday, this same BF painted a 10'X6' portrait of Marie Antoinette.

Getting it upstairs was close to impossible.

 Before delicately cutting her magnificent skirt up into pillow shapes and a headboard,


I “chalk wigged” my hair and “vogued” a final 18th century pose.

O.M.G. Who would have ever thought that religious medals
 would ever hit runways, showcases and magazine covers?
Well, say a Hail Mary because they are not only healing to wear but in style as well.

It's not that my husband doesn’t like what I buy for our house, it's more of a: “we've run out of room” concern. So last month, I came home from the antique fair with...12 for $75.00 “had to have” luncheon plates.As I was trying my best to shuffle other plates around to make room for them,

Peter said: “I thought I suggested: “NO MORE CHINA” this morning.
With a wink in my eye, I replied: “I thought you said: “nothing more from China!”

 Truly, fairy princesses would adore dining on these handkerchief patterned plates.

I couldn't get gravy stains out of this pink necktie. So I made these three flowers, glued them on to a green clutch and twisted the remaining silk into a pocket square looking pin. Oh and why are ALL spots labeled: gravy stains? No one eats and spills that much gravy.

As a teenager... wishes echoed in my mind: “I wish I could sing”. “If only I could dance on stage”. “I'd love to be a movie star.” “ I've always wanted to …” you can finish this one. Then I realized: like a hand full of my little brother's priceless marbles, we all have our gifts and our talents. One of my brother's marbles was found in our grandfather's mine in Montana, a friend brought another one to him from China, he found two others on a dirt road near our summer house.  My brother would not EVER trade one of his prized marbles...NEVER EVER. Then I thought, what special talent or gift would I trade in order to sing, dance or be a star? “Humm, I guess... not one”. So like my brother's marbles... I'm holding on to what I have, nurturing my talents and appreciating my gifts. The grass isn't always greener.

Although I've been making jewelry for more than most of my life, I still love buying unique pieces.
 I drilled these '60s gold leafed lacquer bangles and wired beads on to them.

I spotted and scored these two other bracelets...
  made out of watch slides and tux studs.... in a local treasure trove.

“Supplements” seems to be the latest word for vitamins.
Every 28 days, I organize my daily intake.Who knows,  I might be taking more than my share.
 I'm not sure which ones make be feel terrific....but, hey I'm going to keep reading up on supplements... adding and eliminating whatever...whenever. Here's to your health and humor!

I leave you with one of my favorite Yves Saint Laurent quotes:
" I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it".