Saturday, October 15, 2016

Autumn Is Falling, Falling, Falling

                   When it comes to fashion, “too much too much” might best describe The Fall/Winter 2016              Collections. Don't despair, I've taken a peek at Spring's easy, breezy and delightful.      

                                    For now, just pile it all on with abandon------>blindfolded.
                              From every era of vintage and into the future, nothing has to match.

                 Pay close attention to these new styles. I would only wear the crazy boots,
                                  if I was planning to wobble around or near a hospital.

That said, put your craft hat on and trim or may I say “over trim” a pair of today's heels . A tube of E6000 glue and yer good to go, go, go! Feathers, faux fur, broken jewelry, hobby store beads is all you need to stud your heels or boot ankles. If this is a temporary “look”, simply make mini-fun bracelets with hobby store stretch thread and roll them up to the top of your heels and boots.

                                   I saw this “Van Cleef & Arpels” ad and thought: “I can make that!”
                                      Stretch thread, some gold beads and one green opal: DONE!
                    I've made a dozen and printed the ad for each pal. “YES I CAN” You can too!

                                  I will not EVER copy these rings. It's just a bit of show and tell.
                                     I'm showing them to you and I'm telling you ...don't bother.

While paging through a few magazines, was reminded of Nora Ephron's book: “I hate my Neck”. Queen Elizabeth always wore the “bunched up” lace collars and over the top jewels and brocades.                        She'd be giving Kate a run for England's fashionista extraordinaire today.

 These collars are so timeless and flattering and: "neck be gone!"  

                      Without giving it much: “I wonder if I can make one” thought... I just did it!

                 Again, using the stretch thread... I can pull it over my head and my neck disappears!

A bit of: “update your purse” news: all the designers (wonder who sends out the “NOW” memos?) are incorporating straps that are VERY wide and long. Here's a tip: have your cobbler make a strap out of an old that might have gotten too small! Decorate the hell out of it. Oh and have the cobbler make it interchangeable so you can go back to your outdated strap.

Love, love, love these two: “over the top" tops! "Over the top" indeed.  I still love, love, love them!

                            Remember: wrapping and twisting a scarf around a purse handle?
                                        Go for it again! This look is back in... big time!

Now that you are the glue princess: try your glue here:"copycat-save" $800.00 on this sassy little bag            of broken jewelry trim. Get a move on!It might be out of style before your glue is dry.

Then there is this Gucci number. If one of my sons had done this to a purse, he would have been in serious trouble. An adult, a REAL artist designed this $$$$ bag. Help me out here. I just don't get it?

                              For me...this purse screams: This designer really nailed Autumn 2016 right here!

                 Practical day to evening chic shoes. Rifle though your closet... bet you have a pair. 
              Maybe glue a few buttons-n-bows on them and twirl safely... without a hospital in sight.

I would love to put a thought bubble above this model's head. She looks so troubled and unhappy.                      These ostrich culottes are one 2016 fashion statement I'd beg, borrow or steal.

     Slim pick-ens this season, but I'm obsessed with these three: "where can I buy them" looks!

When I hit the hay early or head out to yoga early, I leave a little (2”x3”) drawing for Peter. I was surprised to see he had saved dozens of I glued them into a tiny book. Why not give it a try.

  I've been recycling champagne tops for earrings and wine tops for necklaces! I've also made ear clips using the new $1.00 gold coins. The other evening, an Internationally well  known lady in the clothing business said: Kathleen I love your Gold coin earrings". I pulled them off, put one in each of her hands and said: "now don't tell me you like my blouse!"

       Many of my young pals (anyone under 50) love these kind of  “trending” tiny necklaces...
                              so I'm making a few of them and making  their wishes come true!

IN-IN-IN: a tight pile of trinkets clipped on to a belt or a long wide purse handle. WHY WHY WHY!

Name dropping from The Flea and Salvation Army: Fendi and BottegaVeneta.  Oh yah!

                In closing two bits of humor: looks like this model has a checkered past! Too easy!

                             And  finally: wait wait wait.....don't give up on Fall and Winter 2016... 
                                           Spring and Summer 2017 are slated to be FAB FAB FAB!