Thursday, September 28, 2017


                                LADIES: brace yourselves!

       This Fall: “anything goes” with everything and anything. 
Forget the “matchie-matchie” look. Rather, even in textures, 
colors and fabrics... “nothing matching” is the M.O. this season.

If you can let go of your comfort zone and enjoy the frivolous nonsense that you see in boutiques, magazines & catwalks... then you will have a “dope-n-delightful” Autumn. “Devil make care” 
is an easy attitude to embrace. Why erase it or turn a blind eye!??

Starting right here in our wonderful country, everything is “topsy    turvy”. Like it or not, fashion mimics global events and energy.
       If we can sort of “lean into” these crazy, nuts-o-silhouettes... 
              we might just lighten up our own little worlds.

          Can you be daring enough to give these crazy trends a try?
            Maybe even pretending like you're dressing up a doll?
             Trust me, with joy and confidence, you might just have
          the guts to head out your front door...while laughing at life, 
                    liberty and the pursuit your deserved happiness! 

                                       “Lions and tigers and bears oh my”!
                   So many designers are spotlighting animal prints... 
               especially lions and tigers... into their collections. 

       I was all “all smiles" scoring this vintage Chinese jack-shirt
          from Japan at The Flea. Immediately, I made this bracelet. 
               Now, I'm on a hunt for pants that won't match!

        The back side of this Salvation Army “hoodie” has inspired
        me to find something to complete...not match... this sweater. 

          To be on top of the Fall game: hounds-tooth, traditional      
          herringbone and English twill are all safe, "NOW" bets. 

        Mixing these traditional patterns with anything outrageous
                 will break you out of “cookie cutter” mode and
                      make you the “IT” girl of the season!

Retro... with a twist... welcomes in the coziness of this Fall season

      Now for a quick march down...memory shoe and purse lane.  
                                    “ Who-da-ever-thunk” 
                that this color combo would ever circle back!?!?


                      How fun: needlepoint and brocade boots
                             and sneakers worn with....whatever.

          DON'T TOSS IT OUT...if you have room for it: KEEP IT. 
             I found these looks in a magazine and in my closet!

                OMG, this season, all of the stops have been pulled!
                    It's a marvelous rainbow of a  jungle out there!
          You can copycat by gluing-n-pasting anything on anything.
          Or purchase any long as it doesn't match anything.
                              Yup, that's the rule this Fall.

        No words necessary re: this "designed to perfection"clutch
    and these museum quality sensational stilettos. Although I am          obsessed with this high, high heel... 

                    ...I'm opting for school girl and tiger loafers.

       You can pick up semi precious tassels at any hobby/craft shop
      and have a jeweler make them into earrings. Jewelers can also           make magnificent necklaces with your broaches & earrings. 

      Back to the hobby shop. Why buy these bejeweled sweaters? Simply study them. Next: using your "inner child's" wit & wisdom,               randomly glue a bevy of jewels and flowers on to 
        a crew neck or collared sweater and “let  your freedom fly”!

      We could choose to ignore “Global Warming”. This year, here
 in California, July and August were the only “snow-free” months. 
      So get ready to stay warm and bundle up----> unmatched!


         If it's a freezing cold party...layer, layer, layer...unmatched!

Wishing you a “twirl” of a Fall season... unmatched by any other!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Lazy Crazy Days of Summer

It's The Summer of Love... The Summer of being LOVED

Throughout my Spring posting, I was a fighting: “the-crazy-mixed-up-line-up” of collections that made no sense at all. This troubled world and the fashion world have been turned upside down.

Today, I am going for “The Summer of Love” and loving it all: full out. Discovering that every Fashion Magazine is sprinkled with humor, I suddenly realized that it's a: “nuts-o-fun” delightful page turner of a season. Hooray for lightening things up guys!

For starters: "Goldie's got it goin' on"!   A Happy  Summer of love BABE for sure!

Designers are embellishing embellishments. Trust me: ”enough” is just a tiny start. Ladies: fire up your engines and “get thee to the hobby shop and the fabric stores”. Pretend like you and your pals are at summer camp and step into your inner crafty kid with abandon. 
Glue jewels, ribbons, sequin decals, metals, feathers, huge school initials on any and all clothing and accessories. Being an artist has nothing to do with it. Born in 1943, the middle image is my crazy-n-creative attempt... not glued down yet!
 Forgetting about the outcome... bedazzle some “sparkly-glitz”, sew vintage badges, double tape faux fur on to jeans, shoes, jackets, purses, jeans and even evening gowns. DON'T HOLD BACK! 

“Embellishment” is THEEE word for our Summer of Love. “Sequin Decals” is a good way start.

                             You'll spot images of these beauties on the web and in magazines. Oh and the color spectrum.... 
          it's a rainbow out there. If you can't erase it; embrace it. Why not twirl out of your 
conservative, safe winter shell and laugh along with the happy “summer of love” trend setters.

                             Chrissy Teigen , with the help of GUCCI  Summer 2017
                                        has it all figured out to exquisite  perfection.

Mix and Match” is not happening this summer. Rather new mixes of colors, shapes and textures are showing up everywhere. Making a statement is an understatement. GO FOR IT! Bring your rainbow to the streets. Trust me, you'll leave a path of smiles.

                                  There are even a few "out there " Summer school girls looks.
                                  I don't think that the model in the middle, got the "fun factor" message.

Here are two classic styles with updated twists and attitudes. If a sewing machine is not your tool box or if it's retired, simply find a pattern and take it to an alterations expert. I found my guy, behind his sewing machine at my dry cleaners. Many experts work without patterns. WHY NOT TRY IT!

     I'm sort of missing the point of these two pages in a fashion magazine.  I'd say that maybe 
            it's the black and white photographs. I just find a bit more summer fun might work. 

Don't be afraid to try enchanting. Maybe start with a torn or stained favorite. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Blouses have fresh appeal. Combining ribbon with trim, lace with oxford cloth and a bra worn over
 a silk shirt. Hey who am I to question this crazy season. I'm just all smiles in this Summer of Love!


                            After seeing so many of these baroque pearls and stones enhanced
                               (yes I said enhanced) with semi precious jewels...I gave it a go.

Learn from the pros. Before you give an old “this or that” away, try painting or trimming it.                                                        WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE!?!?!?

                           I love Reese... but sometimes the makeup and photo shopping
                             make the REAL person disappear....I want REESE BACK!

Even traditional comfy sandals are getting enhanced this season. "I'm good" holding off on the Summer of Love enhanced boots. They bring new meaning to: "break a leg". Thanks but no thanks. 

                            Here are a few of my WILD-N-CRAZY Summer Silhouettes!
                Yup, I'm out of control and loving my "Summer of Love". I hope you will too.

  My wish for you is that you will let loose, try something new, because......
                             failing isn't an option. This isn't school time... it's a fun summer life... 
                            maybe even go fly a kite wearing something wonderful and outrageous.