Monday, March 13, 2017



                                                    “Fashion reflects the times”.
                       Right now, we are all so divided and confused.

There are many, many unresolved issues around this country and the world. We women don't want to follow a Pied Piper or be run out of town on a rail. Rather, we're on board with truth, fairness, and living a good life.

                  Awkward is an awkward word, right? On so many levels,
         indeed this is an awkward time and: “Fashion reflects the times”.

Last Fall, I promised you a Spring Rose Garden...sorry guys, it ain't happening. I broke my promise. A bit of saving grace, in and amongst the weeds, there are a few delightful & bold Spring blossoms.

Marabou feathers are trimming every silhouette. Why not buy a few yards and upgrade a purse, pair of shoes or any piece of your wardrobe. In the midst of all kinds of turmoil.... let's make ” Fashion Happy Again”.

  I always have a spot in my closet for anything Asian. However this season, feathers or not: from shoes to handbags, it's all a bit too crazy to grasp.

When trying to put on a happy face, even the best models are challenged. These pieces are not from young designers... showing their first lines . Oh no, it's the big houses like Dior, Chanel, Prada and even Coach that are pulling their catwalk rugs a bit while shaking up their audiences and tossing us on our troubled ears.

All of this upset and confusion is so evident. Even movies and TV shows are: "on the edge of your chair" tense and "no way to fix it" depressing. I feel like the lady above... just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hard to believe: these images are all pulled and photographed from current Spring High Fashion Magazines.

There are a few designers... who have pushed through all the madness and created applaud-able collections . I'm giving a high five to two designers for  their creative light weight fabric twists on the traditional wool Scottish kilt.

Some of the  current “in your face” ads are reflecting the unattractive and nearly scary “ signs of the times”. I'm not even buying into any shock value. Bring it!

                 It appears.... in a few magazines that some famous designers..... 
 are creating: “pack-and-get-out-of-town-before -it's-too-late” costumes.


Other designers might need to take a break.  Sanatoriums come to mind. 
                           It's a nuts-o-turned-upside down world.
Fashion is doing an excellent job of “dittoing” the world's energy.

                                   Comic relief always works for me. Whether or "knot"   you like it...Karl is having a great time.... as is another delightful designer.

             Years ago  we called it: "PCHD"  Petty Coat Hanging Down.
       Today it's done on purpose. While the black & white PCHD models are    
           playing the game, the middle model is one of today's angry birds.

Until RIGHT NOW: tulle (netting fabric) has FOREVER been used for charming tutus and innocent prom dresses...... well... brace yourself...things are a changing....

today, the feminine population has found a third way to use nylon netting. Using tulle as a tool to show the world: “we're here and we're not afraid to be noticed”.

     OK...”wake up...wake up” because this nightmare posting is nearly fini.

          Although, at times, we do feel like we are chilling all alone on the shore.... have hope and just remember: like searching for the perfect sand dollar,  you will find some treasure and hope this Spring.

Back to basics is a win!!! This model looks like she agrees.

                          Sorry to say, I just took a look at Fall 2017...
                 we'll all need a continued sense of humor well into Autumn.