Thursday, February 6, 2014


                            There are TWO distinct style statements on the catwalks this season.

                                            #1: Traditional Tribal Silhouettes... with a twist

                               Think: Ethnic Cultural meets Woodstock in The Haight Ashbury

                                             #2: Rainbows, rainbows and more rainbows

                                        Imagine: A kaleidoscope of bright primary colors
                                splashed  and scribbled on to this season's fashion palette.

                Saturated with color filled ideas, I simply had to toss my painter's beret into the into the ring.

                                       While tripping over a pile of my grandson's Legos, 
                         I couldn't resist snagging a handful & making a matchie-matchie necklace.

        Organic textures, museum quality weaves and exquisite patterns have challenged fashion houses
                 to find that perfect balance between hippie and hip and build “must have” collections.


                          “Somewhere over the rainbow”... designers are having a blast, taking fun 
                      and outrageous approaches when combining these two distinct style statements.

         “Ladies start your engines” and let the shopping begin. From vintage shops, to resale/retail stores,
to the back of your closets, jump aboard the happy train and begin building an outfit or two or... three.

I rifled through the dusty corners of my closets, copycatted a few fav fab magazine ideas  and put together a rainbow/tribal infused "wild-n-crazy" look. Just for fun, I double dare you to venture into your closet.

       There is no denying the depth, the history and the art of this season's quality craftsmanship.

Investment purchases... especially in handbags... are showstoppers... delightful and... irresistible

Don't you just love it when: “what can I ever do with this?” surfaces. I attached this beaded piece of “whatever it was” on to one of my “Couture Clutch” bags. NOW I have a very “NOW” 2014 bag: for free.

As silly as this “giddy-up-get-up” ensemble looks today... a few years ago I thought it was pretty cool.
Today... recycled  and restyled, I simply pulled the skirt up and turned it into a dress. I followed Sharon Stone and Julia Robert's leads and slipped a GAP shirt under the skirt. Hooray:  I'm rockin' the tribal trend!

                    Thank God for small favors. The ballet slipper is the “IT” comfy  shoe this season.

                                              Once more, I shopped in my closet and.... scored!

From Gondolier to Gaultier... a staple that cannot be denied: the navy and white long sleeved “T.”

           Wrapped around the neck or the bum,  a classic striped "T" is this season's "go to" accessory. 

                          Rainbows are sparkling and dancing and all aglow...
                          between pots of gold in jewelry departments... everywhere!

                    Stage left: a new $$$ ring. Stage right: an old pair of my clip earrings. 
                           Looks like it's time to dig into your old costume jewelry boxes. 

The FUN FACTOR is a jewelry game changer as well. Hooray for frivolity...seriousness be damned.

Although this is one necklace, why not stack a few tribal and traditional strands around your gorgeous neck.


             It's time for shoes to twirl in and step up to the ethnic rainbow plate.

If all of this is making you hungry... how about this easy dinner: roasted, fresh cubed butternut squash and butternut ravioli served with a grilled apple chicken sausage. Five minutes frig. to table... thanks, Trader Joe's.

                 I don't understand this broken smashed up way of showing blush colors. Who cares.
   Just powder your nose and cheeks..paint your lips and nails … and get out there and strut your stuff.