Monday, May 23, 2016

                       For yet another season, Dolce and Gabbana continue to have playtime
                                      with your “child within” and I say: “hooray to that"!

       Anna Wintour suggests that you “garden up” a backyard sized collar with faux & real fleurs. 
               Take delight in framing your face with a pin cushion of “sparkle plenty” flowers. 
                                      If it's trending in June's Vogue... I say: “go for it”!

                    Looks like all of the fashion VIPs are saluting “patriotism with a twist”.
                        This season, it's red, white and blue with a definite couture vibe.
 Inspiration comes from everywhere. Could the latest $1.00 stamp have caught designer's eyes?

         From Memorial Day until Labor Day, get ready to twirl galore in yards of luscious fabric 
       and divine romanced length pleated “ingenue” while remaining quite provocative.

                                         Years ago, “dressed down Friday” made TGIF easy. 
                 Today, closets are filling up with: "ath-leisure” workout clothes to wear to work.

                         Designers have raised the fitness silhouette level to a new high. 
Collections of athletic watches and fit bands are the most necessary “in the know/now” accessory.                         
                             Even comfy designer “apres the gym” shoes are “must haves”.

       It's just the Chanel "Karl-like-attitude" that can be a challenge to embrace while looking normal.

        “I see RED... I see RED... all I see is RED!” Designers must have received a “RED alert” 
memo RE: purses. They are everywhere. Maybe RED is the “HOT” part of the patriotism look today.

                      This round number is adorable, The crotch shot, I must say is not hot or patriotic!

                               I spotted this Rack-O-Red at The "Patriotic" Salvation Army...$3.00 each!

                                  “RED” doesn't need to blend in or or match... rather stand out and show off.

I copy-catted this twisted-n-tied scarf. “Pink with RED” is still a bit of a stretch.... but I'm getting it.

This Spring and Summer, you can't avoid flower trimmed purses. They are blooming  everywhere!

                                     I plucked these two “bargain beauties” at The Flea Market.

       Pop into your local hobby shop for a bouquet and glue them on a tired purse. I did it.... twice!


                                 Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles.              Bold and beautiful and irresistible.

                                   Two creative photo shoots... two interesting results. 
              The combination of fabrics gets an A+ . The mini, mini, mini dress flunked all tests.

                     Everything about these knee high nylons is fun... except for the price! 
                Maybe a better investment to keep the jewels and flowers on purses and collars.


            An elegant combination of exquisite ethnic fabrics and primitive patterns has resulted
          in irresistible timeless collections of museum quality warm weather treasures this season.

          Fun in the sun in daytime sequins... I love it! I especially loved remembering my...way cool
           Adrienne Vittadini flirty top that has been holidaying in the back of my closet for 25+ years.

                    You'll be “proudha” your Prada “larger than life” earrings that you can can
                     make out of a few “sequin for days” pony tail holders. These bubble like
                      baubles have been “front and center” on the catwalks for nearly a year.

          “Everything that's old is new again”. The crocheted “oven mitt like” long sleeved number
        is from a Summer 2016 line. My sleeveless number is circa 1975. For years, it's been hiding
            in between some sequins... in my closet. Today it's out of the closet and ready to party!

                 Did you know that you can have any pattern or art printed on fabric. These savvy girls
                 printed their eye make-up line on linen, made dresses and became their own billboards.

                     Do you remember playing “cats cradle” when you were a mischievous little girl?
               I think I could play that string game with this suit. Just imagine her strung-out tan lines.

                     Winding down this posting.... here are a few of my FAVS of the season:
                                             An otherwise ordinary preppy shirt & jacket...
                                        brought back to chic life by trimming them in lace.

                          A daring breath taking peak-a-boo blouse that takes your breath away.

                                   A couple of magical yet whimsical investment pieces.

                                “If I had the guts & figure”and a fake I.D....  this top would be mine.

             Belted, with sleeves rolled up, this  is sensational: a starched guys shirt, worn backwards.

                           Here are two “you've got to be kidding me” pair of hilariously serious shoes.


                 Mr. Weitzman was a very Wise man when he set up this “shoe photo shoot”.

    From a USA stamp to ancient marble statues, inspiration can found today or back a long way. 

Pink, with traditional Gucci Christmas stripes and golden buckle... I say: get usta it and “go for it”.            Wishing you a “devil make care”...'cause who REALLY cares... kind of Spring & Summer.