Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winter Wonders



'tis the season to... “Bring on the Bling”! What's your favorite color? These days, you can own a rainbow of fascinating faceted diamonds. If your piggy bank can't afford a slice of kaleidoscope diamonds... faux, faux, faux is always fabulous.

 Real and Faux... why not wear them both.... together. I tried it. I liked it!    
“Ladies who Lunch” are wearing “fauxbulous” dinner rings at noon and for cocktails.

This sparkle plenty attitude is even twinkling it's way onto suede and leather.

LastLast Last year,  I jazzed up a tired vest with screws, mirrors and pearls medallions to give it a new life.


This year, it's time to glue a handful of oversized outdated ear clips onto an otherwise uninteresting leather jacket.

 I've been noticing a plethora of  "steam Punk" necklaces in hip boutiques and trendy magazines.
I thought: "hum, I can do that" ... and I did!


Why not give it a try: just dig through your jewelry box... you'll find "a necklace worth" of broken bits and forgotten pieces. Simply attach your “this and thats” on to a chain. Oh and save the glitzy chips-n-charms for a suede vest or leather jacket.

For yet another season... from black tie to jeans... the CLUTCH is... "IN THE BAG".


Just a reminder:
 You can make a clutch bag out of a place mat faster than David Copperfield can cut a woman in half.



 Come can do it... let your crazy creative juices flow. I've made dozens. If you need help or instructions: click on Kathleen Solmssen "Couture Clutch"  YOUTUBE below.


Way back when, we called ankle length pants: floods. I just added a bit of braid, ribbon & bows to a pair of  yesterday's fancy floods.  Because, the TUX is theee “AFTER FIVE” look for the holidays... today these "long enough" evening slacks are: NOW, NOW, NOW and ready to twirl.

I don't even want to mention his name...but one of the TOP designers in the world is sporting a strange attitude. Year after year, I totally trust his style. This year, I don't just get what he's saying or selling. Maybe hair dye or hair removal.

The cameo...oh the cameo... it's showing up everywhere.

Once again... I went on a safari hunt in my jewelry box. After clipping the pins and hooks off of these faux and real silhouettes, I glued the collection onto an otherwise dull and boring jacket. Stylin' cameos...what a concept.

From cameos to camouflage. There will be no incognito disappearing acts when wearing these nearly neon patterns .

                                                               It pays to study trends.
 Last week, I was obsessed over this "break the piggy bank"  pink and black purse.

The next day, I found this crazy-n-cool-army-camy purse at a resale shop for less than a week's allowance. NEED had nothing to do with it; I was just nurturing my shopping addiction. Charity centers thrive on donations and survive on shoppers. My latest finds are here on this The Salvation Army Kathleen Solmssen "Shopping Therapy"  YOUTUBE:


Luv, luv, luv this gold paper clip and scarab earring. Without any emerald scarabs handy, I copycatted it using hobby shop paperclips and a bit of bauble. Hooray: yet another fashion addiction satisfied for pennies.

So many designers are continuing to spotlight faux fur... on shoes, purses and jewelry.

 I  trimmed a pair of "ready to round file"shoes and a few bangles with faux fuzzy trim.

 The alligator bracelet is the tail end of a vintage belt.  Just sitting in the closet,
 how did that belt get too small for my wasted waist ?

OK  so handcuff me. I must admit it, this expensive cuff bracelet... locked in a bargain of an idea:
 brass hinges and buttons  glued on to a plastic bangle.

                        This season, every shoe designer is making a serious “BOOTY CALL”.

Time to pull out all of the stops...rifle through my closet and start steppin ' out in boots galore.
                            Spotted in limos and mudrooms... from outrageous to outerwear,

                                       today's boots are made for walkin', riden' and dancin'.

                    The combat boot has moved up to chic status. Last week, I lusted over a pair.

This week, scored a pair (Gucci) at the flea market. OK cold weather: bring it...I'm ready.

                  Here's a trick: roll up a few magazines and twist'em down into your slouchy boots.
                     They'll stand up at attention until you are ready to: saddle up and git' down.

A few years ago, somewhere between the cat walk and the mad house, I found these insane boots.

                                                  As seen in Sunday's New York times,
 my ten year old hot lipstick pink faux fur jacket... continues to be “too much of a good thing”.


                              Although... never allowed  to be out and about at the same time,
                   once each season... both pink fairy tale looks... are let loose...on me... in public.

This year, an entire zoo is happening: all at the same time.'s wild!  Time to slip into all of your fab faux furs and animal prints  "whatevers". So nature girl, unleash the untamed crazy beast inside of you and prowl around the jungle you call home.  


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simple Pleasures

             Oops... I just noticed that my arms have become less than Greek. When did that happen?

                 Today, wherever... whenever I see a chic pantyhose-like arm covering top... I grab it.

                      These tops don't add any bulk around the middle or in a suitcase when traveling.

                 These thin, thin, thin pantyhose for arms will hide wrinkles and don't wrinkle.

Like finding a perfect silver dollar on a beach, I usually spot and score one of these treasures
                             every time I cruise through a resale shop or the flea market. 

Hooray for this discovery because now... all of my strapless and sleeveless shirts and dresses have been advanced to the front of the closet. Until Donna Karan or Spanx start making arm “must have” covers... I've got us all covered! 

Finally, this arm covering concept is beginning to catch on. At last, I'm seeing them in all of the fall magazines.

                           These are my two favorite finds. A tank or a teddy underneath and I'm good to go. 

What a beauty. Last week, when I saw this this handsome Gucci bag I was nearly obsessed with it.

Bamboo handle and all, I was delighted when I found this one at a local vintage store. Here's a tip: if you need to update or freshen up a handbag... you can purchase bamboo purse handles at most craft stores. 

OK, clearly I love and respect Miuccia Prada. She is always at least a year ahead of the fashion curve. That said...I couldn't resist having fun with one of her Fall ideas of wearing a glitzy top over a cashmere sweater.

Even though I am a member of Screen Actors Guild, I was cracking up inside as I took these photographs.                                             Yup, this LOL  attitude was a wild-n-crazy challenge.

In the world of fashion, Mark Jacobs is another HUGE star. He goes way beyond pushing the envelope... he rips it open and jumps off the edge... laughing all the way to the bank . When I saw this picture of him out on the town in his pajamas... I thought: “I can do that too”. So I did.

 How nuts is it that some gift tissues cost nearly a dollar a piece. If tissues are more wrinkled than my arms, they aren't reusable and so you can't save a tree. Well now you can! Just fist-wrinkle them and get to wrapping. Save a tree and save a dollar for happy hour.

How cool & hot are these POW, POW, POW cartoon looking gowns! And what's even more cool & hot is seeing Google Glass used in mainstream fashion.

                      Again, laughing my head off on the inside, I couldn't resist copycatting this image.

Other than Martha Stewart (who calls it Art Yuck-oh) who doesn't love the Art Deco Era. Like this delicious Gatsby chemise, there's a good chance that you can re-create a silhouette that you admire by combining pieces in your closet with a resale shop score or two.
My scores were the red and black Ferragamos and this “see through” pantyhose-like knit shirt. The paillette embellished top has been hanging in my closet for years. OMG.... I'm lovin' this combo.

Did your mother have a lingerie drawer full of half slips? I love my flirty girly collection. My sister found a few last week at what she calls (with a twinkle in her eye) "Salvatore Armani" (Salvation Army). Maybe next season, Prada or Jacobs will start wearing half slips over skirts and out on the town.

            Last week, I was wowed with this POP OF POWER ensemble in a fall fashion magazine.

The next day, I found this at Salvatore Armani. I'm rifling through my closet to find a POP OF POWER to compliment this otherwise uninteresting "trying to be '50s retro"  coat. OK:”let the challenge begin”.

CUTE as a button has never been my trajectory. Lady like hasn't ever been a goal. That said...this lady like look is pretty cute. Perhaps....maybe I'll give it a try for my next “ladies who lunch” afternoon in San Francisco. Why not be Jackie Kennedy ....just for one day.

Anna Wintour's hairdo is the “IT” cut of Fall 2013. Extensions and curls galore are taking a back seat.

                 If the queen of the fashion world can “work” that style for 25 years, why not give it a try?

                                        Talk about tradition: you can't beat a camelhair coat.
                                        It screams:“baby it's cold out, wrap yourself in luxury”. 

                                                   Here is wishing you an easy breezy autumn... 
                                                        as I'm off to shop and wine and dine
                                            in my cozy coat, lunch box purse and comfy boots.