Friday, July 18, 2014


                            Looks like the fashion world and the music world have collided this season.
 Robin Thicke's “Blurred Lines” must have influenced the latest take on Burberry's classic raincoat for fall.
                                           Sorry, but I just don't get it... it's all too blurred.

                                                        Looks like these young designers got it.
                                                                   Again: “I just don't get it”.
                                                                 Fall 2014 is a combination of:

                                                               Madonna meets a bullfighter 

                                Military khaki strips down with zipped down Hawaiian botanicals

                                                    Jane Goodall morphs with Frida Kahlo 

                                       How about this “you've got to be kidding me” ensemble.
                   Layering a jewel embellished winter satin cocktail dress over a summer polished cotton...
                      “I made it out of vintage curtains” house dress. Even the model looks confused.

                             For now, summer's still here and it's still a “Fleurs Galore” time of year.

                              I painted these white jeans and shaped a flower necklace out of kids clay.

This kids clay saved my breakfast plate. I simply filled in the hole, baked it for a few minutes and painted it with clear nail polish. Talent not necessary and..... Sculpey comes in a bazillion colors. 

                                              OK I give up...or nearly gave up RE: these legs.
                       Look closer... it's a man's arm! This ad campaign is showing up everywhere. 
                                                                “I just don't get it”.

                             This'll be seeing tassels on purses, shoes, jewelry...              tassels will be trimming  every accessory imaginable . “Get thee to the fabric store”! 
                  Pick out a few feet of tassels and start updating: pant hems, clutch bags, belts
                                                  ...trim away like your closet is a Christmas tree.

 I'm going to continue to resist these sandals... even when they hit the sale racks in a few weeks. Maybe because they remind me of the Mexican huaraches with the tire soles that I resisted years ago. They may be “trending” but they won't be treading lightly on my little pedicured feet: pass... no thanks... nada pour moi.

On the other hand...or foot... Adidas slip-ons are trending for Fall and have a soft spot in my heart. My sons bought this pair of “after soccer” Adidas for me... 25+ years ago! Who-da -thought they'd be in Vogue today.

                                              The best way to keep your champagne bubbling for a week.
                                   Simply drop a silver spoon into the bottle & let it dangle away. Cheers!
                                    “Keep a water bottle cool” ice cube trays have another cool use: 
                                                       swizzle sticks... just add a few lime slices! 

               I might just purchase this perfume to go with my '60s... “couldn't toss it out” blouse.
                          Bummer, I didn't see: "figure included"  on the perfume bottle label.


                Legos are the “IT-Fashionista” toy... and in supermarkets: Lego-like candy too!  

From Marc Jacobs doll like model's chemise to miss-matched stripes, as we leave summer and head into fall, soft pink will have a soft spot light in the boutiques.

There's a 50/50 chance... if it's in the magazines... you'll find it in your closet.

                                               magazine                                                               my closet

                                                            magazine                              my closet

                                           magazine                                                 my closet

Cashmere sweater full of holes: check. Put it in the washer and dryer: check. 
With my handy glue gun... make a travel pillow, a pair of house slippers & a baby cap: check.

When yer a hammer... everything is a nail” . I make clip earring out of coins, champagne tops, buttons... even “eat'em up fast” chocolate disks from The Town and Country Club! If you usually wear pierced earrings: “get thee to a hobby shop” and glue a few clips on to... practically anything!

                                           I think they should be re-named: “flutterbys”... don't you? 
                                     They are flying through every designer jewelry store in the country.
                                                    One is real... mine are faux-bulous-n-fun.

Back to the shoe department: If you'd like to trip-n-twirl into the night in a pair of these “Bojangles expensive mirror ball” boots... just glue a bag of inexpensive plastic rhinestones onto otherwise tired pair of old boots.

                       Or how about these trending rain boots that I scored at an outlet for less than $50.00.
                                                       “OK rain: I'm ready for you now”.

                           I leave this “blurred lines” posting with a clear message on an electrical box...
                                                           spotted...just down the road a piece.