Monday, April 11, 2011

Color, Color Everywhere

Bright Colors are “IT” for Spring 2011. This model needs to take her swimsuit out of the bread box and liquor cabinet and start eating and enjoying some flirty little cocktails.  I have zippers that are wider than her frame. I'd love to see the dress in a size 10 rather than a minus 0.

This sweater tells the whole spring color story in cashmere. Crazy mixed up bright colors and stripes galore.

Many slices of the rainbow worn together in never seen before combinations, . Give it a try. It works.

Dig deep into your closet. You'll find this look. If you can't find your rainbow, dig deep into your BFs closet!

Who'da thunk that Vintage Bob Mackie and “Nearly Vintage” Tommy Hilfiger could look so “NOW”!?

I was feeling in a bit of a  “me too” mood this past week. I thought about all the painted clothes splashed all over the pages of the fashion magazines this season.OK I began having a: “Me too” moment.   I'm tried my luck at getting a handful of these bright colors paired in nearly a  uncomfortable palette. Other than one very practical skirt, what did I have to loose?  OK, so out came the acrylic paints. My canvas: a perfectly good “why change it” Anne Klein brown skirt.

A yellow sweater (anything crocheted works this season).I'll admit, you've never seen me in this color.

A red Dalton cashmere sweater..old enough to need moisturizer. Red, yellow and turquoise...go figure.

Enough turquoise elements to make one cringe..three outrageous colors  paired up... started shaping up.

Time to attack the skirt. I hope I cleaned my ginger sauce off that marble slab  before the paints came out.

The skirt needed a few coats of paint. Cotton sucks up paint more than my face sucks up moisturizers.

Like cherries on an ice cream sunday, I topped the outfit off with a wood bracelet trimmed out with crocheted cherries and dime-sized turquoise disks. Vertical stripes and a few turquoise dots and it's fini!

It's a crazy mixed up color combo, but  hey, I think that I'm likin' it.Yup, it''s  “too cool for school!”

This season, I've gone mad for hunky, chunky bracelets. Using old bangles, here are a few I've brought to life with gold leaf, shells  and beads. Tempted, but no I haven't worn them all at the same time...yet!

Is it called: “second foot” if you find FAB resale shoes? Looks like I've gone Springtime mad filling my shoe closet. Hey, a girl's gotta shop! I addicted to fancy flats. How did I ever traverse a party in  high heels?

Will somebody please invent waterproof tablets and pens? The bathtub is my “inspiration point”. By the time I'm dry and dressed, my ideas have gone down the drain. One thought stuck in my mind today: the necessity of a delicate balance of moisturizer and make-up. A sort of relief map look happens when I don't “feed my Face” enough. Moist skin ceases to be a natural occurrence after 50. “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize” was part of a hilarious a toast given to a friend at a recent birthday party. I keep jars of face cream near the TV, in my night stand, in the car, in the kitchen and tucked into my favorite chair. In my ever so golden years, I'm finding that make up seems to be fading faster than the color on our patio furniture. I don't  EVER leave home with out it. These days, I even take my make up bag out the front door to get the mail.

                                                   Do you remember Rudi Gernreich?

                                           He was notorious for inventing the monokini in the '50s

I was thrilled out of my gourd to find this 50 year old  risk-ay Rudi Gernreich blouse at The Oakland Museum's White Elephant Sale last month for $7.00. I'm not quite the Rudi Gernreich notorious kind. The ever so shy and reserved me (oh right?!) will be wearing a tiny-n- tight  tank top under this see through ever so sheer delight of a blouse. It is too chic to believe... believe me!

Visions of Glogg, Mint Julips, Pot o crème and Meyer lemon sorbet were dancing through my head as I asked an antique vendor at the Alameda Flea last Sunday. “How much are these?” “Ten dollars” she replied... “ten dollars for the dozen”.

I elbow greased my way through a jar of silver polish and froze mint leaves in Maker's Mark Bourbon. me on this one:  mint leaves( tied up in cheese cloth)  DO FREEZE in bourbon.  You might want to give it a  for your  Kentucky Derby party next month The Mint Julips were divine... all twelve!

“Need has nothing to do with it”. I must admit that finding a spot for these delicate 19th century Bohemian crystal bowls is the only need here. Last Sunday at The Flea, one more time, twelve was my lucky number.

If they don't ever get past the “gorgeous to look at and lovely to touch” stage... I'll be totally satisfied.

Get a gander at my find of the century, heavenly mohair ginormous king sized throw. This beauty can be seen in catalogs for $1,200.00  I couldn't resist it for $150.00 at The Flea...yippee! I hugged it all the way home.

No one does it better than Ralph. It's like sleeping on a cloud. My dreams are even more magical than ever.

My friend from South Africa said: “the BEST mohair in the world comes from... where else, Mr. Lauren... South Africa”.I hafta agree with her... folded up or spread's beyond gorgeous. 

This model has a lovely smile. Most models don't smile. I have a friend who gives away at least 5 compliments a day. “People love'em, deserve 'em, they're free and I have an unending supply to give away”. He doesn't just say: “nice dress”. Every time he sees something unique, he gives a thoughtful compliment. This way-cool guy loves smiles and great style. I've jumped on this compliment wicket... it  keeps me smiling too. 

Why isn't this model smiling? Why don't they ever smile? She must have a swimsuit in the bread box and another one in her liquor cabinet. Why the sad face? She has great style. Maybe she needs a compliment.

Even Easter Peeps have heard the bright color buzz. You might want to get a extra supply of these little critters because.... I kid you not...Peeps make yummy Smores! Oh here's a tip: buy a few extra boxes this week. Let them harden for a few months. Roasted over an open fire on July 4th  these melting little guys are  nothing short of d e l i s h and d i s g u s t i n g! You know you want to try roasting some.

I couldn't resist these 18 happy clothes pins from The Dollar Store. I'll be making something with them soon.

In closing... chew on this thought for a moment:   “UR not what U think UR... what U think : UR!