Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Wonderfulness

                                          A fairytale of slumber land...would that it were true.

                 Today's woman isn't sleeping the day away. Hear us roar: we are forces of nature.

                        That said, yards and yards and yards of a heaven sent look.
               I can attest to that... a dozen years ago... in my Badgley Mischka wedding skirt.

                   A room-full of chiffon , worn over boots and under a leather jacket
          “THE” hot/cool combination of feminine and fierce this winter.

                  For a more “power factory” silhouette that screams: "pay attention to me".
         Try a cashmere sweater over a sub-dude ball gown-like skirt... with pockets, of course.
    Kechi pearls, whisper into fashion megaphones: "this is sheer elegance that cannot be denied".

                             Classic, timeless...    “style never goes out of style”.

              Roses and bows work. This time, I mixed it up a bit with my concho belt.

                           24/ tie to jeans: it's time to bring on arms full of black lace.
                           From Kate to cat walks... black lace is the “IT” fabric of the season.

              I was delighted to find this arm full of “noir” in the vintage section of my closet.

                   Paired with chiffon or looking like a henna back's all too yummy.

      I'm nuts over my:"bought it in London" chiffon stretch top trimmed with festive cuffs.
            Worn with “go-go” black lace shorts... “I'll thank you very much”.


                     “If you DON'T have it: flaunt it”. How lovely is this ingenue black lace number.

                                                                " Hide and go seek"
Seriously check out the LOOKS you like in your favorite magazines. There is a good chance you'll have some of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe or “just down the road a piece” in a re-sale shop. I haven't worn this silk knit dress in 20 years. I'll be wearing it next week with a black lace scarf.

                                                                      Ebony to Ivory.
         OMG are we back to Madonna’s famous/infamous bullseye corset. I remember my  mother
 wearing these under her lace and chiffon.  Never as an outer-outrageous garment. Again: “I'll pass"

OK do you have some FAB FUN FEM pieces...that just make you as happy as a cartoon character... every time you wear them? That's how I feel about this chiffon and paillette pleated skirt. I was tickled rainbow pink when I saw it a magazine  paired with a cashmere sweater. It sort of gave me permission to wear it dancing off to lunch.

                               Some ad campaigns... I just don't get... but they do entertain.
                        This backpack purchase left no allowance for clothes.  WHAT!?!?!?!
                                              "The Power of Creation"  WHAT!?!??!

                                                    I didn't copy-cat this necklace. I made it years ago. 
             The dragon fly necklace: I simply “blinged out” a Christmas tree enamel ornament.

                                         “What came first: the chicken or the egg?
          Now that we're all comfy with ear buds... we now have ginormous earphones.
                            Maybe these egg sized Chanel pearls can double as headsets!

                 Today...sunburst pins and necklaces are displayed in every jewelry showcase.
                    I couldn't resist making one for a purple chiffon dress with black lace trim.

The Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag...would empty your piggy bank... unless you score a vintage one
 like mine. It's the size of my father’s doctor bag. It's filled with cosmetics rather than medicines.

                                    These images don't make me look forward to Spring.
                                     “I'm good” not to re-live The Haight Ashbury days.

“Diamonds on the soles of her shoes”. Even though they're are selling  like hot cakes, Paul Simon would need to put diamonds on top of these clunky “now and yesterday” sandals to attract me.

                      “Play it again Sam”. I'll admit it, I was so proud of my oven “hot pad”
                crocheted vest in the 60s. But today, pairing it with two loud prints: REALLY?!

                                        Bulgari is stacking rings. I started my  “words with friends”
                                          years ago. I give a pinky finger full of words to my pals.

                                   Here's an easy way  to be “on trend” from the ankles down.
                      Simply make satin bows and glue them on to a pair of sparkly heels.

Housekeeping time: A few organizational tips that work like a charming jewel. Bangles piled up on faux fur paint rollers. “Like ducks in a row”: sun glasses lined up in plastic drinking glasses.

                    Bracelets in tiny china serving trays. Earrings clipped on to cake cooling racks
                                   My “too many” pairs of black slacks labeled with key disks.

                                                      Two looks to love and lust after this winter.
                       An evening dress: dressed down to perfection with a sweater worn underneath
                        as warm winter underwear. Gucci bringing timeless '40s wallpaper fabrics
                    into today and pairing this cozy-n-chic retro style elegantly with snakeskin boots.

                Next month, The Beatles: “Can't Buy Me Love” celebrates 50 years of LOVE.
         I leave you with double LOVE...Lavin for $$$$ and mine for $... XXXOOO, Kathleen

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