Thursday, March 14, 2013



Inspired by Film Noir, designers have chosen to make this a black and white Spring. Just to spice up this salt and pepper colorless combo, they have added a pinch of red and yellow into the mix.


Looks like...this Spring... the happiest guy on earth will be right in style.


From Chanel to Louis Vuitton...surely the top houses must have all received a colorless palette memo. I wish and wonder: “why I didn't get the memo and also: who decides the colors each season?”

Hey, it's all a game, right? Perhaps kings and queens and game boards inspired designers


So many box like silhouettes. Blocks of black and white on robot-like figures


As the song goes: “everything that's old is new again”.I'd roll a black and white dice betting that the spirit of Courreges crawled into the creative minds of the masters who chose the LOOK this Spring.


The jury didn't even leave the courthouse. Clearly, the decision has been made: fashionistas will dig through their closets or boutique racks to find the perfect “jailhouse rockin” B&W pieces this season.


From Peter Pan collars block patterned dresses: “why didn't I keep that... it's back in style” is echoing in my frustrated mind. The black and white domino principle answer: because it was time for those fashions to fall down and play dead... forever!


Whether your vibe is sultry like Lauren Bacall or as sassy as Jennifer Lawerence, you can't beat a perfect white shirt/black pencil skirt combo this Spring. Rock it with pearls and yer good to go...anywhere.


“Style is is a way of life. Without it, you're nothing” Mostly self taught and told by her mother that she was ugly, Diana Vreeland set a permanent high bench mark in the fashion world. RED was her color. “The eye has to travel” is a not to be missed movie about Diana. Her guts and humor made... “can't and no” impossible words to live by.



Continuing on this black and white wicket... Instagram is a slick and simple way to send phone photos. Best part..... with your phone “in an instant”, you can turn a just clicked image... from color to the ever so NOW and white.

Purses and shoes...two of my favorite addictions. I think that I'll be able avoid any styles trimmed out in barbed wire or rose thorns.

 Although they seem to be the rage, I'm less than obsessed with these:
 “I'm wearing two house arrest anklets” sandals.

For an “au natural” relief from black and white... I may just need to invest in a burlap, raffia or rope bag. They are all just too irresistible.


Also, in the “nature's best” category, be on the look out for MUST HAVE “year of the snake” serpentine bags and shoes. You can't avoid seeing and maybe even purchasing a plethora of python accessories. Yet another Spring 2013 memo that I didn't receive.
 So...dig into your closets or: get out there and SHOP!


Holly said...

thank you for all of these photos and fun!



Melissa F said...

What a fun blog Kathleen, thanks for being you.xoxo