Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Wrap



I'd be “Miserable” with an Ann Hathaway chopped hair cut, but I'm lovin' this winter's cropped vest/crisp white shirt combo.

I found this “embellished to the nines”
 bullfighter treasure at the flea market for $30.00.


I wonder if Michael Kors was in San Francisco back in the Haight Ashbury Love in Days?
That's when Jeanne Marc designed their famous  lumber jack Hudson Bay blanket-like coats.
 Looks like he copycatted my Jeanne Mark coat...even down to the leather trimmed pockets.
WOW... I'm glad that I've kept mine for over 30 years.

If you are feeling burr burr cold during this global freezing winter, try wearing a silk or wool challis flower blouse under a new or vintage tweed sleeveless dress. This chic silhouette also works with stripes and paisleys.



Box shaped purses are the IT bag this season.

 Similar to train cases, these satchels are a “must have” for 2013.


Last month, I nearly fell in love with three elegant box bags at All Things Vintage in Oakland.

I couldn't decide which one to buy... so I emptied my piggy band and bought all three.

 It's true: STYLE never goes out of STYLE...
 nor does the obsession to shop.

While I'm on the purse wicket, I've got to say: “come on guys” is this STYLE? To my mind, this purse, trimmed out with little bits of “this and that” is just too easy.


I couldn't figure out if this "designer" bag was art or fashion? Whatever it was, by  making use out of my own old bag and my “this and that's” minutes,  I created a fun-n-flirty  "designer" purse to carry with my winter LBDs.


The tooth fairy would be shocked to find one of these ginormous fangs under a small child's pillow. As a REAL statement piece, this season there isn't a more NOW necklace.

Because I couldn't find a glitzy one, I decided to cook up my own tooth out of plastic clay.

 Although it looks a bit like a banana slug, I'm all smiles ...twirling around town with a toothy grin.


I can't tell if our friends think that“I've lost it” or if they love these tea lite candle holders that I fired up with more plastic clay and trimmed out with coral, turquoise. Im my creative world, expecting the unexpected is what to expect.

GUESS what? This GUESS girl reminds me of a combination of two classic girls.

The mud flap girl and the pin up girls on the bomber planes in WW11. Interesting! I "GUESS" that look always sells...something! 

Then there's this model: she is actually being paid $$$ to act like her $$$shoes are killing her feet. Wazzup with that? Maybe it's called reversed advertising. Whatever, I'm not buying it...or the $$$ shoes.


Now this shoe idea I love. As Paul Simon wrote and sang: “diamonds on the soles of her shoes”.
 With simply a bag of rhinestones and a little glue... you to can be a girly girl "diamonds on the soles of your shoes"  too.

Try covering up damaged heels with crystals and pearls...
who will ever know!?!?


   Many cultures consider ankles to be very sexy. Simple satin ribbons and sparkling stretch bracelets will give alluring ankles... even in this country.

This season, anything goes: like Tartan plaids with animal print. Time to bring out my Scottish kilts and my collection of animal print jackets and sweaters. Can I get used to this rather odd combo?


Jewel tones with animal prints or Jewel tones accented with bright lipstick colored accessories.


My feet are so grateful and happy that flats (thank GOD)are back... even for evening wear.


Cashmere or lamb's wool, this winter it's time to pile on the warm-n-cozy winter ruffles.


You can buy a new one or keep your eye out for an authentic deco beaded dress. Right now, these retro cocktail dresses are the rage for black tie affairs.

 Thanks to a pair of  “Spanx” I can still wiggle into this:
 “had it forever” 1920s museum quality chemise


Just like Michael Kors: Inspired again...I  saw it... I copied it!


I think it's called: “reverse snobbery”. For me, these “redneck wine glasses” are hilarious. Best part: they are simple as pie to make and cost less than two bucks each. Here is my youtube tutorial:


Go figure: the Swiss Army Knife Company makes clothing! Last week, I scored this sweater at The Salvation Army for $3.50! With knife in hand and sweater on...I'm a happy camper.

For kids, for party favors, for teacher gifts, these Scrabble pill boxes are just the ticket. You can find jars of Scrabble tiles at second hand stores and the little boxes at hobby shops. Filled with tiny mints... they are a perfect “words with friends” gift.

I hope that you have enjoyed my "words with my friends". Until my next posting, I wish you health and happiness.

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