Friday, October 28, 2011


Ever since my last posting, I've been twirling these tassels around, hoping for some inspiration. Enter Ralph Lauren stage left with his Fall 2011 tassel trimmed BOX BAG. “Humm..I can do that”. 


I rifled through my “turn around gift” drawer, found two tiger print velveteen cosmetic bags and began gluing. Following the pattern, I glued Velcro strips on the small bag and one single piece on the larger bag. 



 I then looped the cord and tassels on the side of the double bag so that it can be carried “bracelet” style. Just tuck my wallet, cell phone and keys in the mini bag... rip it off the large bag and run...whenever.


 The BOX BAG is “theee” purse for fall 2011. Dust off yours off in the back of your closet or invest in one. They are a MUST HAVE. The buttons fell off this silver bag. To catapult me into the party mood, I trimmed it out with champagne tops.

Magazines and boutiques are glistening and aglow with scarf printed skirts, blouses and dresses. I am over the moon with another way to sport this designer scarf look.... by gift wrapping BOX BAGS.


Years ago, we'd tie a scarf on to a bag. Now you can cover your bag and really show off your scarves.

With 4 rings on hand, I jumped on to the origami wicket . Pulling a corner though each ring, I adjusted each scarf to fit the bag. How cool is this... 


.........I am so excited to wear all of my gift wrapped BOX BAGS.

OK let's head into the kitchen for a minute. No worries, if you aren't the Betty Crocker type. Believe it or not, most drug stores sell this yummy peach jam. Soak the label off, add a few drops of almond extract, tie a bow around the jar and you have the BEST home made hostess gift ever. Of course, your family recipe is safe with me.

Even though I only have two arms (go figure) I have an enormous collection of bangle bracelets. They were lost and forgotten until I stacked them up on sheerling looking paint rollers. I call them my guilt infused pillars of joy and over consumption.

This season, high drama statement bangles can't be avoided.

If you'd like to try your hand at designing a few, start at TAP plastics. Have pieces of plastic tubes cut and shined... and trim them like you'd trim a Christmas tree.

I gold leafed the inside of a few. I snipped the backs off buttons for others. Yup, these plastic bangles are statement pieces for sure.Original gifts, easy to make... and best part... they only  cost a few dollars each.

 I remember my father marching us into Brooks Brothers here in San Francisco on our way to college to purchase our first of many pairs of Bass Widgeon cordovan penny loafers. “Everything old is new again” is the song that keeps running through my head when I see so many high heeled loafers this Fall.

It's a “no brainer” to trim out a tired pair of shoes and bring them back to life. Think: Kate Spade!

Today, the experts say that we are 80% water and should drink 8 glasses of H2o a day. Until I bought this rubber band ball, I lost track every day. Today, I pull the bands down to the bottom of the glass and back up... if all four end up on top, I guess I'll continue to be 80% water.

This Navajo look is sticking around more than Tonto stuck around the Lone Ranger. When I came upon this “Woodstock” top last weekend at an Antique Faire, my enthusiasm got the best of me. So all isn't a loss, if I can't get away from The Haight Ashbury silhouette, I may just scrap the “costume” and save sterling sliver disks.

While curly willow is still flexible and green, why not twist a few holiday wreaths together . Come on Martha, you can do it. From place card to front door size … they wrap into shape in minutes. Take a look at my YOUTUBE quickie tutorial.

Granted, the girl in jeans is sporting the NOW dress code. But the girl in the glitz is doing it ...galore! She's workin' the hair, rockin' huge sequins and flaunting faux fur. Strike an exquisite balance. You Go Girl Too. Wishing you a NOW dress code and Go Girl attitude. Be creative.. in your closets, at resale shops and even in real retail stores.

I leave you with a challenge. What to do with these vintage fur collars. I apologize to my animal rights pals. I do want you to know that I love and respect animals. These collars are over 50 years old and I intend to make something beautiful out of each one .

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