Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally Fall

Fall 2011: The Fur is Flying. From faux to vintage, as trim or as an entire coat.. the big “F” word this Fall is-----> FUR. Designers had serious fun with a rainbow of colors and a compendium of shapes. Ginormous sleeves, dramatic vests even shoes and purses are sporting Fun Faux Fur. Best part, you can “work” these fauxbulous elements with jeans or cocktail dresses... making them the perfect travel accessories. 


Headbands have found their way back to the accessory aisles and into my closet. 


While tearing my hair out, all the way down to a growing headband-headache, while trying to figure out how to organize them... I came up with this simple solution. Just drape a scarf over a roll of paper towels, tuck the scarf into the hole and load it up. I topped it off with favorite otherwise “easy to forget about” pins.

The LBD (Little Black Dress) craze is not going away and I'm lovin' it. The LBD is a black-blank canvas that can be accessorized up or worn PS (Plain and Simple) and it's always CS (Chic and Slimming) and timeless. The velvet one (I.Magnin) is 35 years old. The box pleated one is new but, like the headband, it is a forever classic. 

Granddaughters were my excuse. But, in all honestly, I couldn't resist ordering a shoebox full of LBD Barbies. They arrived with tons of attitude, make up, hair extensions and “I couldn't walk in them” high, high heels. I once heard that the United states tipped and all the nuts rolled to California. This maybe true. Right now, I'm channeling and getting in touch with my “inner Barbie”. 


Do the math: if a yummy scented candle cost $40.00 and lasts for 20 hours...hmm, it costs $2.00 an hour for that simple scented pleasure. So why does the wick go “bye bye” leaving a wall of useless wax? I can't answer that question, but I have found a solution that makes perfect sense. A birthday candle and these pictures will give you your final 10 hours of yummy scents.


Here's an idea for your jewelry graveyard. Broken pins, out of date or solo ear clips, buttons, coins, clasps... “it's all good” for building a trendy chunky “NOW” wardrobe for your fingers. Pick up a bag of “one size fits all” rings at your local hobby shop and: “let the gluing begin”. If not a perfect last minute gift, how about “finger to finger” treat when a friend goes “on and on” about your “oh my God I LOVE it” creation??! 

If you are on the fence about getting a flu shot this year, you might try a daily dose of cinnamon and honey. Oil and water don't mix, but cinnamon and honey is a match made in heaven. If you GOOGLE this dynamic duo, you will find pages of healthy information and ancient healing documentation. On toast, roasts or just by the spoonful, it's one of nature's marvelous gifts. Equal parts in a jar...well, there just isn't a better hostess gift, birthday or get well present.


Trends are more contagious than the flu... and there isn't a remedy for playing “follow the leader” and keeping “UP” with what's “IN”. A few years back, “green” perfumes were front and center on every cosmetic counter. A playful rainbow of macaroons jumped the pond and are now the star treat in most bakeries. “Shut Up!!!” is the new “WOW!!!”. This month, I was surprised to see that both The Gap and Chanel have similar hard edge tech-like advertising campaigns. I'm smelling a mole in one of those two companies. Interior and Fashion Designers alike, all look to PANTONE for the next season's color pallet. They are spot on for Spring/Summer 2012. Sun bleached pastels...all lovely and easy on the eyes. See for yourself:

It's “matchie matchie” time this season. Like Noah collecting “two by two” on his arc, this “fashion statement must have” is two, too,too ready for prime time on your fingers, wrists and jackets. Keep an eye out for the 2 for 1 sales and get creative as well.

You can double down in the pin department by popping the décor off a couple of napkin rings and glueing pin backs on them. You can replace ear clips with pin backs as well. 

Make use of a pair of “out dated earrings” by turning them into rings. Overkill happens. You are only allowed ONE 2X2 “matchie matchie” look a day.

There's a kid in everyone of us. Party favors really sparkle in cellophane and shiny ribbons. Candy kisses, jacks and a bright red ball, a bag of marbles. (in case your guests have lost their marbles) , pads of tiny post-its... whatever. Just re-wrap them and pop them into each water glass .. it sets a tickle and a wink of a mood for your party.

Make the magic happen. Last week, I had planned to sprinkle a bag of “nature” in and around a birthday luncheon table. That was a milk toast kind of an idea until------> I flipped the little hobby shop ceramic bits and pieces over and starting writing words (that we all love) on the backs of each piece. Right side up and snaking down the table, each guest chose (without peeking under) five charms. The magic happened, the smiles appeared and memories were formed... yup it was as delicious of an idea as bread pudding and... calorie free.

I love these two fashionistas. They've got attitude guts and success. Go figure this gorgeous girl wearing a strapless merry widow bra over a “T”shirt and finishing it off with a bulky knit nuts and fab is that. And the wisdom on this young designers shirt... why not emblazon his message on the fashion walls and halls in every store.

Thank God for layering. As my mother declared: “it covers up a multitude of sins”. Layering sort of camouflages a shape that is more of a tumbler glass than an hour glass silhouette . A vest over a “t”, a tank over a turtleneck... no need to tuck a top into tight pants or skirts. 

If you insist on tucking a top into a skirt or pant, try the “fist full-o-fabric” test first. Grab the hand-full of material that will be sitting below your waist. If it's more than a “fist full-o-fabric” and you don't have room for those extra inches... leave the top out and wear a belt.

Icing on the 2011 fall layer cake is the short jacket. First time out the door, it will feel odd. But after a few tries, this final layer begins to feel a bit sassy. A long scarf wrapped 'round and 'round and 'round the neck ...tops off the layers and scares away fall colds.


Next time you travel to far ways places with strange sounding names, try sending a post card to -------> yourself. One word is enough on the card: lasagna, sunset, guitar, lake, sleep. When these cards arrive home, after you've arrived home... tuck them into cook books, drawers … even your medicine cabinet. Each time a card appears, with a happy heart and fond memories, you'll get to ”go there” once more.

My grandpa was a baker in Montana. He taught my father how to make oldfashioned fudge. In turn, my dad taught me how to be an expert chocolate fudge maker. Whenever I smell real fudge, it takes me right back to Harp's Bakery in Deer Lodge Montana. On my mother's side of the family in Nebraska, other than catching lightning bugs in mason jars, it's the scent of Yardley's English Lavender Talc that takes me back to the mid-west. Maybe that's why I love seeing and smelling lavender on every bend in the road. Last week I harvested a bag full and made sachets. It's as easy as making one of my grandpa's pies and smells as wonderful as my grandmother's talc. If you click on this YOUTUBE link you'll see my lavender sachets in the works: Making Lavender Sachet

If you haven't worn it in the past five years....toss it”. This command has never made it into my rule book. If I love it and can store it or hide it ... it stays. Case in point, this 30+ year old “NOW,NOW, NOW” box shaped bag. Dressed in my ancient micro fiber reversible faux fur vest, I stand on my: “I told you so” soap box. If you still love it: make your own rules and -----> keep it.

Last month I challenged myself RE: “what to do” with a pile of tiny cars. I combined few inches of stud trimmed leather and an “I've had this forever” bangle into a freeway and hung the tiny charm-like cars around the off ramp. My “inner tomboy” loves it. 

I leave you with a wish -----> to you infuse yourself with scents and memories that take you to places this fall that you love. 


Next posting, I'll have something created with this drapery tassel.





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