Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fabulous Fall

    Bite into a cool crisp apple... that's the sound I remember when running through and crushing mountains of fall leaves. The September issues are out: the kids are back in school: it's time to sink                into Autumn: with attitude and pizzazz. Relax and breathe in all that Fall has to offer.

Don't try to make sense of the LOOKS of this season... that ain't going to happen. “Matchie-Matchie” it is not. Like a big pile of fall leaves, get ready to sweep ancestors of fashions into your wardrobe. Have fun with it. Don't try to figure it out.

With the addition of a flyswatter full of glitter bugs on the collar, summer's combination of camel with pure white is still on top of September's list of greats. Here is my test run: a rhinestone studded dragonfly Christmas ornament, a bumble bee pill box and a vintage French locust pin.
It's time for “Craft Shop 101”. Break out the glue-n-glitter and wake up your inner child. These head phones are no joke. They are serious equipment and cost serious money. Time to get creative!

Hold it/listen up! Don't even think of putting your ginormous summer necklaces on the back burner: designers have decided to keep them on the front burner for another season. Makes no sense. It's just fun.
I've seen locker rooms full of these sports letters on sparkly tops. So I ordered my birthday year number, an “S”, scored a home-run of a sequin top and a denim shirt at The Salvation Army and I'm good to go to any after party.

It never fails. Ralph sets the tone every year, every season. From year gone by, don't you wish someone had saved a few ethnic beads that you could string together? Maybe it's time to hit a local flea market and continue on “Craft Shop 101”.

                                           Angelina Jolie set another tone... one of fun and frolic.

 This isn't an inner child activity. This is your kids' activity. Let them have a test run on an old shirt.                     Kids are so magical... they don't over think ideas...they “just do it”.

We all have a hanger or two of simple, boring “why did I buy this” dresses. Pretend like you've just enjoyed a flute of champagne, head to a fabric shop and snag a handful of sequin flowers, beaded ribbon and “copy cat” this smile of a look. Why wait in “safe mode” until everyone has bought one?

Like armfuls of crunchy leaves, the icing on the tweed-cake-jackets this Autumn is jewels and buttons and earrings galore. Years ago...they were called: "scatter pins". Yup, it's Craft Shop 101 again. Simply glue hobby shop pins on the backs of any piece: “old, new borrowed or gold.”

            Take a page from Prada's Fall Frolic. The normal huge pins are officially giant sized. 
                         Colors and textures make no sense... time to let go and enjoy the season.

The movie: “Woman in Gold” has been an elegant influence on Fall 2015 and I'm lovin' it
                 I combined Prada's collar sized pin idea with Gustau Klimt's painting style by
                                                 using a hair clip and a plastic diver.


Invest in a glue gun and a spool of bracelet elastic. Pretend like you are decorating cupcakes and cover your tired summer sandals with tons of jewels. Take the bracelet elastic and thread pearls & beads for an ankle-sized bracelet. Repeat these instructions with a piece of fringe. Amp up a simple pair of heels!

OK Gucci... I've always loved you. But this shoe is nuts on so many levels. I tried to love this look on an old pair of Gucci shoes. It just ain't going to happen. For me, it's fur trim brought to an entirely new low level.
                          Here he is...Ralph is doing it once again. Score this time for the boys.
               An exquisite combination of hip and hipster... Bo Ho Chic brought to perfection.

I guess this season guys just wanna be wall flowers. Nowadays humans are the only species where the males aren't the fancy ones. It's high time and I'm delighted that guys get to have the spotlight again. I'm giving a heads up to this latest fashion trend.

              TWEED... as thick as your grandmothers carpet is 2015 “global freezing” fabric
                                                                 NOW: NOW:NOW!!!
               Again...don't try to make sense of it... just enjoy it and learn from the masters. 
                Who would have “thunk” that lavender gloves would pair in a dynamite way
                                  with this vintage heavy tweed I.Magnin coat?

              I'm purposely putting these “mix and don't match” Fall 2015 looks in your face,
                             so that you might just give this craziness a try and IN JOY it.

What came first...this chicken (wall) or this egg (purse) … who cares; they are both charming.

                I'm thinking tool boxes and cigar boxes. Fun base for getting creative with purses. 
       This cigar box purse idea is yet another reason to put Cuba on my champagne bucket list.


Peter Pan collars are scattered throughout this seasons magazines like Fall leaves caught in the wind. This is a safe, by no means “out on the fashion edge” accessory that you can find in your local fabric store. Worn as a necklace, “safe-t-pin” them at the back on your neck and wear them all season long.

My mother covered her bridge table with quilted material. I found this circle skirt at a flea market,                         pinned a Peter Pan collar on a shirt and began to twirl into Autumn.

                          It's lace, lace, lace time again. This time it's  thick, thick, thick lace. 
                                                      In any form, if you see thick lace: buy it.

                        Tight lovely pleats are so romantic and so timeless and... a perfect look for Fall.
                              I'm thrilled with these two vintage beauties I found at The Flea.

                                    OK     I love this girl's energy, confidence and ease of style.

It's Autum!  Here's to "blinging" everything and having fun doing it!

                 Wishing you a “Full Fall Season” of girlfriends walks, talks, crafting and cocktails.

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