Sunday, April 29, 2012

“Hello Yellow”

That's right ...YELLOW gets a "double gold"  star award this season.

 in shocking colors: all mixed up in nearly uncomfortable combinations
 with outrageous attitude is Spring's “MUST-HAVE” silhouette.

Outshining any other “look at me” color is: TAXI YELLOW.

Trust me on this slice of the rainbow. In sunshine, canary and buttercup …
  YELLOW is the “go to” color of this Spring's nearly neon palette.


From neon...

to primary..

everywhere you look, embrace the BIGHTS because you can't erase them.
 Pastels will hit the stores this summer... for's  

Back to YELLOW

I rifled through my closets and found a few yellow accessories.
 From Hermes to Hilfiger..if it's YELLOW give it a twirl.
 Be as bold and daring as the color.


Two different magazines... months apart.  Like the rest of us,
looks like fashion art directors can sometimes... run out of ideas too.

The "IT" fabric for Spring 2012: Lace. As thick as felt, as delicate as the antimacassars
on your mother's armchairs. For a just a little tickle of lace... look for a scarf, a pocket square,
 a collar... even a pair of shoes in lace. From jeans to black tie... from tops to bottoms...
make LACE the focus of your spring wardrobe.

Whether they kill my feet or not, I'm obsessed with collecting shoes. While way to many: “I just need to have them” end up in my guilt-infused closet, I can be charmed and delighted by others.

These days, we're lucky to have a handful of mad magicians
 who can dress our feet the way musicians score symphonies.


Just for fun...why not pick up a pencil and start drawing.
 Just for fun, here are a few I “pen and inked”.
 My child within had a laugh of a time drawing these.
 What have you got to loose? Why not see what you can do.

Sequins are still in boutiques and sprinkled in fashion magazines. I'm not rushing out to buy one of these “over the top” flirty numbers... but WOW what's not to love about these: “You GO-GO Girl” mirror ball cocktail dresses. They’ve bottled HAPPY and poured it into an unforgettable Spring line.

From a Latin poem by Horace, Carpe Diem makes for an interesting tattoo.
 It means: seize the day... enjoy it... make sense of it.
 Although I'm not into tattoos, these are  two "right on" words to live by.


 For me, I'll seize the day...  enjoying our first YELLOW rose of the season.
 Yes indeed, I am stopping to smell a rose and seizing this magical Spring moment.

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