Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Almost Spring

In my last posting, do you remember the photograph and question: “what will I ever do with these shiny jacks”? Here's what I did: I wired all the jacks together, replaced the rubber ball with a mini mirror ball... then, like stringing lights around a Christmas tree , I wrapped this childish yet wonderful concoction around my neck: let the twirling begin.

A Zen priest is standing on a hill with one of his students:
“Master, isn't this the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen?”.
The teacher replied: “yes, until you mentioned it”

It's the new BLACK... from the ankle down, that is. For sure, there are no Yes's, No's or Maybe's decisions re: the “IT” shoe of 2011. I'm referring to the skin toned pump. Be it plain or patented leather.. suede or linen, this simple closed toe high heel is a worthwhile “must/closet” investment. I've made my purchase.    Next STEP: re-learning how to STEP out around town in these stilt like stilettos.

I've eliminated a daily annoying function. When you plug in an appliance into an outlet, there is a 50% chance that you tried to force it, upside-down into the wall socket. From now on...that WILL NEVER happen again. Plug in any appliance correctly and dab a bit of red nail polish on to the top of the plug. See, I've eliminated a daily annoying function... only 999 daily annoying functions to go.

While you have the red polish in your hand... give this idea a try. How many times have you sprayed your eyes with perfume? That's because the %?&@#!!! hole is nearly invisible! OK, so here's what you do: simply paint a tiny red dot, just above the hole where perfume sprays out of the bottle. OK now...point and shoot... you'll never hit YOUR bulls eyes again!

“On your mark, get ready GO” for BRIGHT jewel colors this Spring. No soft peddling this season. Rifle through your closet... go shopping... enjoy the palette ... be daring. The MIX this Spring is crazy and somewhat wild! Orange dancing alongside purple. Blue mixed with green. Red pitted against yellow. Shuffle the deck and try another combo. It's nuts, playful and a bit outrageous. There is also a relief from this rainbow... tones of white and beige were spotted in every collection. Lace, resembling grandmother's antimacassars interspersed with crocheted bits and pieces reminiscent of her pot holders. Odd as it may sound, a sprinkling of lace and crochet Clearly, “shrink wrap” dresses and skirts, revealing every bump and curve” are FINI. Get ready to sport a looser look with odd color combinations and a sense of humor folded in ….just for the fun of it.

I'll always “copycat” designers. Sometimes, I combine styles from a couple of designers to “fashion up” a sort of style of my own. Here, for example, is a “LAUREN~KORS” combination. A vintage French “LAUREN” dress, trimmed out with an American Indian “KORS” belt .

April showers bring May flowers and mud on tennies & wellies...”ported” on to car carpets. Before May flowers appear and flirty heels-n-fancy flats have replaced winter shoes, you can protect the backs of your FAV Spring shoes with a pair of old sweat socks. Just snip I small opening for the heels and keep the socks “at the ready” in the door pocket. Before you put the pedal to the metal, slip them over your shoes. I performed a little chop job on these tube socks by cutting the cuff into strips and tying bows. Might as well have a "look” in the car and at the party!

One of my father's main goals in life was: “I'm still trying to be everything my dog thinks I am”.
I've never owned a dog... but I've made many a puppy... happy. Fleas cannot tolerate the scent of eucalyptus. So, here's what I do for “Man's Best Friend”. I drill holes or plunge an ice pick through a handful of eucalyptus pods and string (with elastic) a necklace for my pal's fine felines. I sprinkle bit of bling here and  there for the girly girl pets.

                                                             IT IS A CHOICE
The other day, I asked a friend: “When did you choose to get old?” It is a choice. You can hit a plateau and stay there... stop learning, changing and opening up to new possibilities. I'm hanging on to this delicate balance: choosing to be the oldest of the young  the youngest of the old. I had a good laugh at myself the other night. After seeing silk haired and porcelain skinned Gwyneth Paltrow in her shimmering Calvin Klein pencil dress which was appointed to perfection with Louis Vuitton Jewels, I thought: “I can do that”... then I remembered...her mother, Blythe Danner I were born the same year. “Dream on Kiddo :O)” I adjusted my “Snuggie” grabbed another bowl of popcorn and watched the rest of The Oscars!

Even for a moment... let's not think that any of us are above the jewelry stands at 99 Cent/ Dollar Stores. For travel, a bit of sparkle, a pop of color, a summer dress in dire need of a “pick me up” or simply a tickle of sass for an otherwise D and B (dull and boring) outfit. I sliced out my lion's share at the jewelry stand at Discount City yesterday and I'm delighted with each piece. Without breaking the bank, I filled yet another drawer in my jewelry box.

I'll leave you this time with a question. Do you know why I'm wearing this pair of underpants on my head? And why do we call them (it) a pair anyway? No, not to replace the lampshade from the night before. A few parties ago, I put my FACE ON... before wiggling into a white cashmere...treasure of a dress. Emergency, emergency... I'm about to have a wardrobe disaster! “WHAT DOES A GIRL DO?” 1: Place underpants on head. 2: Put dress on body. 3: Remove underpants. 4: Relax, you just saved staining your dress. 5: Party, party, party.